Amazon wants to change Alexa’s mind

Image: Joby Sessions/ T3 Magazine via Getty Images

Amazon wants to give Alexa a brand-new brain.

The company is currently at work on a new processor for its Echo speakers that would stir Alexa faster and smarter, according to a brand-new report.

The move, reported by The Information, would be a significant switching for the company, which until now has relied on the vapour for much if its AI processing( also why Alexa terrors when she loses her tie, announcing “I’m be very difficult connecting to the internet” ). Creating a dedicated AI chip would reduce Echo speakers’ reliance on the shadow and increase the hasten with which they’re able to respond to requests and process data.

It’s not clear when such a change would happen, but the report memoes Amazon has been trying to bolster its chipmaking abilities since it acquired Israeli chipmaker Annapurna in 2015.

For customers, the change could lead to major improvements in Alexa’s assistant abilities. In the short term, Amazon’s assistant would be able to respond to many requests a little faster than it currently does. But there could be longer-term increases as well — by ascertaining both Alexa’s software and the hardware that has enabled it, Amazon would have much tighter power over the whole user know-how.

It could also have big connections for Amazon’s business. Exploiting its own chippings necessitates Amazon would be able to develop brand-new AI-driven capabilities for Alexa without relying on chippings crated by third-party companies. Amazon’s opponents, including Apple and Google, have also been working on their own AI processors in recent years.

The Information also reports Amazon is at work on a brand-new decide of AI chippings for its data centres similar to Google’s Tensor Processing Unit.

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