Amazon’s Alexa has a hidden Easter egg if you ask her who will win the Super Bowl

Alexa stands with the Eagles
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We’re just a few days away from the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots facing off in Super Bowl LII, and one of tech’s most famous gadgets has apparently already picked a side.

According to a little video making the rounds, Amazon’s Alexa, like most of America, wants the Eagles to dethrone Tom Brady and the Patriots. 

Indeed, we confirmed the message on our own Alexa and her hot take on the defense — “I’m flying with the Eagles on this one because their relentless defense and the momentum they’ve been riding off their underdog status” — isn’t a bad one considering how the Jacksonville Jaguars managed to keep the Patriots in check for most of the AFC Championship game. 

As for that little cough? Don’t worry, Alexa’s not sick. Rather, it’s just a reference to Amazon’s star-studded Super Bowl ad which includes an appearance from the all-powerful Jeff Bezos. 

So now that we know where Alexa stands, what about other tech assistants? Well, we asked.

Depending on what you ask Siri, she’ll tell you either the current betting line on the game or say she’s rooting for the “Patri-gles” which is about as wishy-washy as you can get. C’mon, Siri, take a stand.


Image: Mashable

Google Assistant was a little more detailed in its answer but came with a lot of nervous hand-wringing, telling us that both Eagles and Patriots are, you know, inspiring symbols of our country and then just ducking the question entirely by making a dad joke about the San Diego Chargers.

Google Assistant

Image: Mashable

As for Cortana and Bixby, we just got some useful information, like what time the game is and other search results, but no actual picks from the assistants.

Left: Cortana; Right: Bixby

Image: Mashable

So there you have it. Only Alexa is brave enough to stand with America in rooting for an end to the Patriots’ dominance. 

Now, whether Alexa can climb a greased pole in Philly to celebrate a victory, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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