Android Oreo Go is an operating system for really cheap phones

Image: google

Google wants to make sure everyone can access Android, even those who can’t afford fancy telephones.

The company announced today that Android Oreo( Go Edition) will be propelling alongside Android 8.1. The new operating system is optimized for entry-level smartphones — small-scale, often prepaid phones like the Samsung Galaxy J3, the Motorola MOTO G, or Apple’s iPhone SE, which can sell for less than $400.

There are currently more Android customers in India than there are in the U.S ., according to Google, and the company has its visions set on the “billions more” who don’t more have access.

The company has also released lightweight “Go” versions of its popular apps including Youtube Go, Google Maps Go, and Gmail Go that take up 50 percentage less room than their full-sized counterparts. The fellowship also propelled a Google Play Store that spotlights apps designed for cheaper inventions.

The brand-new Google Play Store recommends the apps most consistent with Android Oreo( Go Edition ).

Image: google

The operating system also includes a new app called Files Go that helps you organize, back up, steer, and share your apps, portraits, videos, reports, and more.

The Go Edition comes given with a cluster of data-saving peculiarities, which have the potential to save more than 600 MB of data per year. This could be a lifesaver for useds of entry-level smartphones, many of which squander prepaid SIM placards.

And don’t worry: The Go Edition athletics many of the signature features of its parent, Android Oreo, including Google Play Protect, which examines app downloads for malware.

Google has recently heartened developers to design apps in accordance with its Building for Billions Guidelines, to optimize them for telephones in developing markets. Its Developers website requires advice for designing apps for users with limited connectivity, patronage manoeuvres with less advanced graphics and flaunts, and retaining battery life.

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