Apple’s new visitor center is as beautiful and ridiculous as you’d expect

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Steve Jobs’ last-place large-scale campaign is ultimately ready for the public — but you have to go to Cupertino to see it.

I’m talking, of course, about Apple’s famed “spaceship” campus. Though employees moved in months ago, and Apple propelled the iPhone X in the recently minted Steve Jobs Theatre , none of the campus has been open to the public — until now.

On Friday, Apple officially opened the doors of Apple Park’s Visitor Center — the public cheek of the company’s storied new headquarters — and the Apple loyal were there in full force to savor the moment.

When Apple opened the doors to the room, which includes a retail infinite, coffee shop and roof floor, the first tourists gale right past counters full of iPhone Xs, Apple Watches, and MacBooks and instead ability straight-from-the-shoulder for a wall of Apple-branded T-shirts, babe onesies, tote bag, and postcards.

Like the retail store at Apple’s age-old Infinite Loop headquarters, the swag at Apple Park is a far cry from brightly-colored tchotchkes and T-shirts with cheeky sayings( e.g. “I called the Apple Campus. But that’s all I’m allowed to say”) that replenished Apple’s old company accumulate.

Instead, there are a handful of $40 tees decorated with either a simple Apple logo or that of Apple Park. The ones with the retro, rainbow Apple logo is highly favourite — works were restocking the shelves within the first hour of the store’s opening.

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There are also Apple tote bag ($ 25 ), baby onesies ($ 20) and, curiously, plain black and white hats ($ 40 ). I say plain, but, of course, they’re much more than that. A special collaboration between Apple and New Era, the covers were designed without the top button most hats have in order to better accommodate Beats headphones.

For the truly hardcore devotees, there are $20 carries of postcards featuring Apple produces old-fashioned and new, from iPhones and Apple Watches to the candy-colored iBooks. Or, you can opt to buy a smaller, $10 make of “memory placards, ” too emblazoned with classic Apple gear. I’m not actually sure what these are for — they look like dallying cards, even though they aren’t — but beings will likely scoop them up anyway.

The retail province is edged on either side by a cafe and an open “exhibition space.” The cafe has a large espresso prohibit that likewise performs a handful of snacks, but no drip coffee. There are no menus or cash registers, merely a handful of iPads, which dish both purposes.

Image: mashable/ karissa bell


The cafe is roommate with lots of accommodating both inside and out.( Just don’t try to do anything other than sit in the cafe chairs — at one point during my safarus, an overzealous photographer “ve been trying to” stand on one, exclusively to have an Apple employee rush over and admonish him, mumbling that “these are $ 1,000 chairs.”)

On the far end of the visitor cavity is an open “exhibition area, ” home to a large 3D example of the “spaceship” HQ. Apple doesn’t let the public into the spaceship, but, thanks to the representation, they can explore the floors via an augmented reality iPad app.


Hold the iPad in front of the pattern and the app will let you “look inside” Apple Park, researching everything from the home office gap and sand to its parking garage and cafeteria.( Yes, these iPads too carry special Apple Park-specific branding .)


For a more IRL look at the spaceship, pilgrims can head up the imported Italian stone stairs to the ceiling deck, which ignores the campus’ central building.


That all may sound like nothing more than an extra-fancy Apple Store, and, in many ways, it is. But for Apple, it’s about much more than that.

Sure, it’s an “architectural extension of the new campus”( one they can conveniently share with those more than happy to fork over 40 horses for an Apple-designed missile ceiling ). But it’s likewise an opportunity show off obsessive layout and attention to detail are worth Steve Jobs.

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