Buying Whole Foods could be Amazon’s Waterloo

( CNN) When Jeff Bezos saw his now-mythical auto wander across the country to Seattle, he dreamed up the notion of an online accumulation who are able to sell everything. The founder and united states president of Amazon started with diaries, then moved into other produces.

Now you can buy anything from a mullet haircut wig to Madagascar rasping cockroaches on Amazon. The company sees 43% of online retail sales in the United States.

The one sphere of the retail grocery Amazon does not have a significant toe-hold in is the gigantic $ 800 billion a year grocery market. That is until now. With the administer to buy Whole Foods, the online retailer now has a small slice of the grocery market( about 1.2% ), which is dominated by a handful of houses like Walmart( 14.2%) and Kroger( 7.2% ).