Can’t find the right handbag? Just design it yourself – BBC News

Image copyright Mon Purse Image caption Lana Hopkins couldn’t find the excellent luggage so she propelled Mon Purse

When it comes to handbags, these days there are almost as numerous ways to jazz up your lying luggage as there are new layouts.

In Selfridges’ massive accessories hall in London, you can buy a clip-on adjust of metal buds from Louis Vuitton, multi-coloured jingle-jangle robots from Prada, and leather tassels at Ted Baker.

What patrons crave, it seems, is a way to emboss a little bit of peculiarity on their purchases. And one brand-new counter at Selfridges will let you go a stage further.

At Mon Purse, an Australian firebrand, you are passed an iPad and tests of leathers, and given the chance to intend your own handbag.

“I was looking around for the excellent handbag and I only couldn’t find it, ” clarifies Lana Hopkins, 33, the company’s benefactor. “And I was quite heartbroken, you know? “