Cards Against Humanity generates $2M in 9 hours to fight Trump’s border wall

Nine hours after Cards Against Humanity launched a go that it hopes will make it harder for President Donald Trump to build his territory wallwith Mexico, the knacks for those who bought into the project are sold out.

On Tuesday, the makers of the irreverent party game unveiled a new undertaking that would allow devotees to compensate $15 and receive six catch cartons in December. A preview of one of the boxes was an explanation that Cards Against Humanity had bought a planned of unused land on the border and “retained a law house specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as is practicable for the wall to get built.”

The first parcel for those who bought into the festivity advertising would contain an illustrated delineate of the arrive along with “a certificate of our promise to fight the wall, some new posters, and a few other surprises.”

But if you haven’t paid your $15 by now, you’re out of prosperity. Instead, if you go to the website, this is what you’ll see.

Photo via Cards Against Humanity

As Max Temkins, the game’s co-creator said, 150,000 subscriptions were sold in nine hours.

For those of you who didn’t procrastinate and bought the parcel immediately, five other amazes will await you in December. As for what those stuns will be, Cards Against Humanity established a speedy Q& A to help.

Photo via Cards Against Humanity

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