Chrissy Teigen is NOT having this messed up conspiracy theory about her kid

Watch out .

Image: Axelle/ Bauer-Griffin/ Getty

Chrissy Teigen is not here for your bullshit, peculiarly if that bullshit concerns recommending she and her husband John Legend are involved in a pedophile ring involving their own daughter.

On Saturday, Teigen laid into a conspiracy theorist on Twitter that had tweeted out pictures of her daughter and insinuated that she and husband John Legend were part of some sort of confidential culture of fame pedophiles.

This latest addition to the Pizzagate deception was initiated in Dec. 27. In a now-deleted tweet, a scheme theorist posted photographs of Teigen’s daughter and hinted the celebrity’s give of a pizza emoji was evidence of something nefarious.

Teigen was having none of it, blaming the person or persons behind the note in numerous tweets. She also announced out Twitter for having previously attested the person’s account.

The poster, Liz Crokin, is a self-stylized “investigative journalist” with “Pedogate is REAL” prominently featured in her Twitter bio. Pedogate, for those blissfully ignorant, is an progression of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which falsely held that a pedophile resound confined to the Clintons was being at least partly run out of the cellar of a Washington D.C. pizza shop. Certainly, that declare was rigmarole, but facts can’t get in the way of a good, baseless criticize. When Pizzagate fizzled after a person entered the restaurant with a firearm, beings moved onto the next thought — that an international child trafficking ring is being run by world-wide upper-class( AKA “Pedogate” ).

So what does any of this have to do with Chrissy Teigen? Well, that’s what she wants to know.

Crokin appears to have argued that some of the pictures Teigen affixed, as well as her squander of emoji, was system that indicated Teigen’s involvement in this supposed conspiracy.

And while the dictum of “don’t feed the trolls” might seem to apply here, Teigen has a different make — noting that sometimes you simply need to fight back.

In this case, for both Teigen and her husband, pushing back may include a lawsuit.

We reached out to Teigen for note, and will update this if we sounds back, but in the middle of all this mystifying mess one thing is abundantly clear: it looks like 2018 is going to be its first year of not fucking with Chrissy Teigen’s family.

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