Crunch Report | Sprig Is Shutting Down

Todays Stories

  1. On-demand food startup Sprig is shutting down today
  2. Nielsen: over 92% of considering among U.S. adults still happens on the TV screen
  3. Sergey Brins giant airship will be world-wides largest, serve humanitarian character
  4. Even the worlds largest bitcoin exchange couldnt handle this weeks cryptocurrency upturn


Written by : Tito Hamze, John Mannes
Hosted by : TitoHamze
Edited by : Chris Gates
Filmed& Teleprompter : Joe Zolnoski

Notes :

    < li> I dont know what to wear on Crunch Report( Its a hard decision and I suck at dressing myself ). If you are a startup andwant to me to wear something forward me an XL T-shirt and Ill wear it in an episode. Im not going to mention the company on the shirt in the episode but it “il be there”. No offensive trash, its absolutely at my discretion if I wear it.Mail it to me. Thanks <3 Ok, bye.

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