Donald and Melania didn’t exchange social media posts on their anniversary


Former President Barack Obama named the bar for how chairmen living in the digital age should interact online. Nonetheless, when it comes to being presidential, Donald Trump has deviated on the indicate of shedding convention to the wind.

Still, doesn’t seem like too much to be hoped that Trump would recollect to please his wife a joyous anniversary amid his intricate web of tweets about Democratic hazard or Republican duty slasheds. But alas , no mention of Melania Trump or the couple’s 13 times together could be found on the president’s timeline for their anniversary Monday.

Just last week, Obama displayed some #RelationshipGoals for everyone by sharing a photograph of him and Michelle for her 54 th birthday.

“You’re not only my wife and the mother of their own children, you’re my best friend, ” he wrote in an Instagram post. “I love your fortitude, your kindnes, and your decide. And I love you more each day. Joyful Birthday, @MichelleObama .”

The quiet between Trump and the first lady might be a result of the recent chatter smothering Trump’s alleged affair with porn virtuoso Stormy Daniels. InTouch recently released the transcript of a 2011 interview that never rolled detailing the thing, and the internet has been swollen with coverage of Daniels since the story burst earlier this month. Daniels apparently received $130,000 before the 2016 election to keep quiet about the accident.

Not exclusively did Melania and Donald Trump forgo mentioning their anniversary online, is in accordance with the Washington Post they likewise didn’t go out to eat or celebrate.

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