General Election 2017: The hashtags, likes and re-tweets battle – BBC News

Social media has become a big part of political campaigning, as defendants find new ways to reach out to possible voters. Here I look at how Scotland’s defendants are doing in the hashtags, likes and re-tweets engagement?

It’s all about you…

Image caption Each of Scotland’s party presidents have a bigger following on their personal Gab reports than their defendants do

Modern election campaigns is becoming more and more personal – and, in some cases, presidential.

SNP happens and product are branded “I’m with Nicola”. She’s on the majority of members of her party’s expedition information and don’t be surprised if her look adorns the breast of the SNP manifesto.

In the 2016 Holyrood election the Scottish Conservatives were more or less rebranded the Ruth Davidson For a Strong Opposition Party, while the prime minister has followed suit with Theresa May’s Team in 2017.

This is reflected to an extent in their social media following – every single Scottish party leader has a significantly larger Twitter audience than their party’s official sheet does.