Google’s ‘Pixel Buds’ may be the key to breaking the language barrier

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Google Pixel Buds are shown at a Google event at the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco

Google Showcase, San Francisco, USA – 04 Oct 2017

Image: AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

Out of all the products Google propelled at its big phenomenon the coming week, there’s one that should have Apple really worried.

No, it’s not the Pixel phones( although they surely seem like honorable iPhone competitors) or the MacBook-like Pixelbook, it’s the Pixel Buds.

More than any other gadget Google propelled, the $159 Pixel Buds( which, by the way, are already out of capital on Google’s accumulation ), perfectly encapsulate how Google can use it’s extraordinary AI advantage to beat Apple at its own game.

To be clear, this isn’t of determining whether the Pixel Buds, as they are right now, “re better than” AirPods. I’m on preserve as a huge fan of my AirPods, and I walked away from my first Pixel Buds demo less amazed with the examination and tone of Google’s ear buds.

But I’m talking about much more than time aesthetics, which are easily fixed( especially now that Google has an extra 2,000 operators from HTC onboard ).

No, it was this — Google’s firstly public demo of the Pixel Buds — that should have Apple very, very worried.

That demo is perhaps Google’s better speciman of how its new “AI-first” vision can completely and radically change its equipment — and its ability to compete with Apple. Pixel Buds, which have Google Assistant and real-time rendition for 40 languages built right in, are, for now, Google’s good instance of this vision.

But Pixel Buds are only the beginning.

These types of integratings will make their to the rest of Google’s hardware faster than you can say “talking poop emoji.” There are already ratifies of it. The Pixel Phones use algorithms — not additional lenses — to enable likenes state and an overall smarter camera. The new Google Home Max consumes AI to make its voice better. And Google’s first-class computer dream capabilities — whether it’s in the Lens app, the Clips camera, or the Pixelbook’s image search — has the potential to totally change how you use cameras, and laptops, and smartphones.

So while Apple has the iPhone 8 and the massively hyped iPhone X for now — even I won’t pretend Google has a shot at outselling Apple in the near period — Google’s AI is so much farther ahead of Apple’s it’s roughly laughable.

Yes, Cupertino has made a concerted effort to step up its AI lately, particularly when it comes to Siri. And the company’s recent iPhones are assuredly its smartest yet. But FaceID and talking emoji wan in comparison to Google’s dominance.

And nowhere is that more evident than Pixel Buds.

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