How to fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 if it won’t power on after its battery has been drained

Samsung masterfully braved the exploding Galaxy Note 7 disaster and propelled itself back to the transcend with the superb Galaxy S8 and Note 8 smartphones, but it may have another battery-related trouble to deal with.

Several consumers on Samsung’s own community forums and Android Central’s vocal forums have reported over the last few months that their Memorandum 8 telephones stop working and admitting service charges once the battery’s been drained down to 0 percent.

One user said “his fathers” had four Note 8 phones neglect on him within a one month period. Another used observed the same battery question on his Galaxy S8 and then again on his Note 8.

Many of these consumers have reportedly received replacements( albeit refurbished ones, which TBH is standard practice and even Apple does the same) after communicating the problem to their carrier or Samsung support.

While battery difficulties should always be taken seriously, the affected devices may simply have been imperfect or lonely incidences.

The fan blog SamMobile was the first to curate these Note 8 battery occurrences and call attention to them. Mashable has now reached out to Samsung for observe, but the company declined to comment at the time of writing of publishing.

We did a little digging of our own, and it would appear that this artillery publication isn’t new or unique to the Galaxy Note 8.

Though professionals recommend not giving devices with lithium-ion batteries fully drain too often — you should try to keep the battery between 40 and 70 percent before recharging it — many of these batteries are governed and controlled by software.

In other words, the batteries are not accusing up and the phones appear to be “bricked”( dead) because they need a speedy climb start just like a dead auto battery.

An Android Central customer by the refer of “jhimmel” explains it well and specifies a solution that could re-jigger your phone:

“It’s called Stack Charging. Some devices necessary a tiny extent of current to run the charging button. You get a few seconds of blaming before the charge ascertain method kickings in, so plugging in and unplugging about 30 seconds apart builds up fairly of service charges for the phone to take over. I have done this before, more than formerly, to restore a seemingly dead invention. Sometimes it took 20 minutes of plug and unplugging – but it did work.”

A speedy hunting online discovers purchasers have been suffering the same battery-discharge-bricking problems for years. Here’s one from 2013 from a person who had the exact problem on his BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

If you’re detecting the same problem on your own Mention 8( we haven’t watched it on its consideration of the item section ), try load blaming it exercising the methodology used outlined above. And then if that doesn’t succeed, take it up with Samsung.

Battery problems are bound to pop up and there are lemons that come off the assembly line. Just be glad that the artilleries aren’t catching shoot and burning automobiles down. It could always be so much worse.

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