How To “Hack” Your Brain And Get High Without Using Drugs

The human ability is often conceptualized as a supercomputer of cosmic intricacy, and like all central encloses, it is feasible to hacked into and hijacked for a range of different purposes. Going high-pitched is the most popular of these, as evidenced by the ever-increasing rates of world drug use. Fortunately , no one has to hide anything up their posterior for you to join in the amusing, as there is a series of much geekier ways to enter an neutered country of consciousness without the use of drugs.

The Broadband Squish

The experience known as “reality” is actually simply a gimmick that our abilities play on us, by carefully filtering the sensory information that the world presents to us in order to generate a workable attitude on acts. The constants of our consciousness has thus be modified by destabilizing these finely tuned filters, and one route to do this is by altering their electrical signals, or brainwaves.

Depending on what you want to feel, you’ll need to choose carefully from the menu of different brainwaves and their associated outcomes. Theta waves, for example, have a frequency of four to 8 Hz and are linked to feeling, but can also lead to excess fantasizing when they are too high in amplitude.

Heather Hargraves considers the therapeutic an applicant for altered governments of consciousness at the University of Western Ontario, and told IFLScience that, when going into unconsciousnes, “shamans enter into theta territories, which is misty, instinctive, open but focused in an internal way.” Because of this, it was previously thought that theta wavings were the key to psychedelic know-hows, more this all changed when scientists inaugurated playing electroencephalography( EEG) surveys on parties under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.

Altering one’s brainwaves can make a psychedelic ordeal. Andrea Danti/ Shutterstock

The results of these studies discovered what Hargraves calls a “broadband squish”, whereby all brainwaves in the range of 0 to 20 Hz are “shut down” in some parts of the psyche, before “rebounding”. This consequence was especially see in a psyche system called the default procedure structure, which adjusts consciousness and is principally responsible for continuing a sense of self.

Of course, anyone who attempts to achieve this using remedies becomes a brainwave raider in the eyes of the existing legislation, but Hargraves is helping to develop a legal biohack to bring about the same effect.


Describing the method used as “like meditation with a mirror”, Hargraves says neurofeedback allows people to ascertain to control their own brainwaves. As a therapist, she applies it to help trauma patients settle their alpha and beta billows, which tend to campaign nervousnes and feeling when they are overactive.

Participants wear an EEG cap that measures their brainwaves while they focus on a fractal living on a screen. As with musing, they are instructed to drain their thinkers and shut off their brainwaves in the 1-20 Hz range. Unlike reflection, however, they are given feedback on how well they are doing, obliging it easier to reach its destination: When their brainwaves are weakening, the animation abides observable, but as soon as their designs become active again, a grey shadow clouds up the screen.

According to Hargraves, neurofeedback participants often is beneficial for an “afterglow” effect same to that seen in users of psychedelic drugs, whereby brainwaves become better adjusted for a period of time after they come back online, leading to better emotional regulation. As a result, cases tend to report increased clevernes, most positive mood, and enhanced sensitivity to color and music in the working day after their neurofeedback sessions.

Heather Hargraves explains how neurofeedback can be used to produce neutered governments of consciousness .

Holotropic Breathwork

For those without better access to fancy gadgets, there are some more rudimentary methods of varying the intellect. In the 1970 s, when many psychedelic drugs has only just been shaped illegal, a Czech psychiatrist announced Stanislav Grof began searching for a behavior to legally persuasion neutered territories of consciousness in his patients. The technique he developed, called holotropic breathwork, concerns a mix of intensified breathing, figure labor, and listening to music, and has remained a key element of Grof’s psychotherapy protocol for the past four decades.

The technique is thought to increase carbon dioxide levels in the blood, thus making it more alkaline and leading to vasoconstriction. This alters the blood move to the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that manages subjective awareness experience, thereby creating an effect similar to that of taking a psychedelic drug.

In a recent learn of 11, 000 the individuals who underwent holotropic breathwork medicine, 82 percent said the technique made a “transpersonal” experience, characterised by a loss of ability of ego and perceives of universal oneness. And while some might associate this kind of talk with drug-using exerting hippies, it’s worth noting that many forms of psychotherapy aim at fostering these same penetrations in order to improve mental health.

Context Engineering

Carl Smith, conductor of the Learning Technology Research Centre( LTRC) at Ravensbourne in London, told IFLScience that “we’re working technology to create a whole new range of neutered regimes of consciousness.” Many of these new innovations are aimed towards what he announces “context engineering”, whereby it isn’t so much the contents of our sensory world as the space it is presented that coaxes the psyche into changing its take on reality.

Virtual world headsets, for example, drastically alter our province of insight because they volunteer a 180 -degree scope of eyesight, and therefore activate our peripheral vision. This distinguishes a major departure from the present criterion of look at this place a phone, tablet, or laptop screen, which dangerously curbs our visual girth.

Studies have shown that focusing on peripheral vision motives differences in alpha brainwaves, which have a frequency of 8 to 12 Hz and adjust our ability to feel calms and loosen. At the same season, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows their own bodies to remain and recoup by slowing heart rate and tranquilize the mind.

Smith says that accomplishing peripheral vision uses helps to place the attention into a more relaxed commonwealth and abbreviate distres. “As a develop, a lot of competitors do this before a race, ” he explains.

Another technique that is becoming increasingly popular involves binaural pummels, whereby a ambiance of a particular frequency is played into one ear, while a separate ambiance of a different frequency is played into the other. When this arises, the mentality produces a third ambiance that is equal to the difference in frequency between the two.

So for example, if the left ear listens to a 420 Hz sound and the right ear listens to 430 Hz, the brain will internally generate a greenback of 10 Hz. By focusing on this binaural announce, it is possible to sync one’s brainwaves with this frequency- a phenomenon known as the frequency-follow reply- and enter an neutered mood of consciousness.

Delta movements, for example, have frequencies of 0.5 to 4 Hz and help to regulate sleep. Smith says that “when people want to go into a dream commonwealth they can do a 15 -minute delta entrainment so their brain actually goes into the delta commonwealth, a sleep district, even though they’re not sleeping- and that’s merely through listening to binaural sounds.” By the same reasoning, listening to binaural pulsates that display a theta frequency in the intelligence are instrumental in induce the instinctive, “shamanic” state mentioned by Hargraves.

Viewed through the prism of framework engineering, it becomes apparent that the specific characteristics of consciousness is not fixed in the first place, but is absolutely dependent on the way we habitually use our eyes, ears and other gumptions to receive external information materials and interpret the specific characteristics of actuality. After all, it is the spirit that creates know-how, and once you know how to push its buttons the contours of consciousness grown splendidly malleable.

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