How to keep mooches and spies off your Wi-Fi network and out of your files

People love to mooch Wi-Fi. They don’t mean any harm. They just find an unprotected signal and sign on. Why not? It’s free, and nobody will even know. Your neighbor won’t mind if you steal a little broadband to watch Netflix, right?

But criminals also love unsecured Wi-Fi, and they do mean harm. They use your network to attack your gadgets and steal your personal information. They download illegal files through your router, making you vulnerable to a police investigation. To add insult to injury, intruders slow down your connection, causing buffering and making it harder for you to finish online tasks.

Still, it may not be mooches causing a pokey connection. Click here for three router tweaks to speed up your Wi-Fi.

“Wardriving” has been going on for years. Hackers drive around hunting for an unprotected Wi-Fi network they can exploit. How do you protect against such random attacks?

Here are a few tips for securing your Wi-Fi router against unauthorized hitchhikers.

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