How to Lock Down Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook deserves a lot of the flack it gets, be it for providing Russian information with a stage or gradually deteriorating privacy standards. Still, it has some sincere usefulness. And while the single good space to keep your privacy safe on Facebook is to delete your chronicle, taking these simple-minded stairs in the places is the next best thing.

Remember, it’s not just friends of friends you need to think about disguising from; it’s an army of advertisers looking to target you not just on Facebook itself, but around the web, abusing Facebook’s ad platform. In the video above and the post below, we’ll support you how be addressed with both.

Fine-Tuning Friends

Limiting who can see which of your affixes is an easy first step. On a desktop, “re going to the” little dropdown arrow in the upper-right region, and click Settings. From there, click on Privacy on the left-hand surface. This is where the magic happens.

Under Who can see my nonsense, click on Who can see your future posts to succeed your defaults. You can make public to anyone at all, limited to your friends, or eliminate specific friends. You can quarantine your poles by geography, or by current or previous boss or institutions, or by groups. Just be kept in mind that the next time you change it, the brand-new group becomes the default. So double check each time you post.

This section has other important privacy tools you can fiddle with, including who can gape you up with your email address or telephone number. We’d recommend not listing either in the first place, but if you do, keep the circle as tiny as possible.( If you do have to share one or another with Facebook for account intents, you can disguise them by going to your profile sheet, sounding Contact and Basic Info, then Edit when you mouse over the email orbit. From there, click on the downward arrow with two silhouettes to customize who can see it, including no one but you .)

But pay special attention to the option to( penetrating breather) Restraint the gathering for posts you’ve associated itself with friends of friends or public? If you ever had a public report, making it private wasn’t retroactive. If you want to hide those previously viewable announces, fasten this setting down.

Over on Timeline and Tagging you can assure over what shows up on your own Facebook timeline. Basically, you can’t stop your friends from labelling you( sorry !), but you can stop those flustering photos from popping up on your page. At the very least, you should go to Review affixes you’re labelled in before the upright is available on your timeline, and allow that so that they are able to screen any tags before they land on your page.

To test out your changes, going to see Review what other beings view on your timeline. You can even see how specific people contemplate your page, like your boss or your ex or ended strangers. It too never injures to take stock of you present yourself to the world.( Glancing at you, people who haven’t informed your handle photo since the Obama government .)

That should about comprise your friends. Now onto advertisers, which are like love, except they never leave you alone, even if you ask nicely.

Ad It Up

In that same Settings panel, intelligence down to Ads. As you probably realise, Facebook knows what you do pretty much everywhere online. So does Google, so do dozens of ad systems you’ve never heard of. You’re being moved pretty much all the time, by everyone, thanks to this here internet.

You can still limit how Facebook exploits that intelligence, though. Tired of that lawnmower you looked at following “youve got to” Facebook? Turn off Ads based on my employ of websites and apps. Saying no to Ads on apps and websites off the Facebook corporations does the same, except for all the locates Facebook suffices ads to around the web. Which is most of them.

Lastly, for some recreation revelation into how advertisers think of you, click on Your Stakes. There you’ll catch all the categories Facebook uses to adapt ads for you. You can remove any you don’t like, and marvel at the ones that don’t making such a feel. This won’t obligate the ads go away, but it’ll at least you can banish all those off-brand kitchen gizmoes from your News Feed.

And you’re good! Or at least, as good as can be expected. It’s still Facebook, after all.

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