If You Haven’t Mastered These 10 Things In Your 20s, You’re Not Fully An Adult

Adulting is hard, I know.

Taking care of your job, your home, and yourself is enough work as it is, but add in a social life, and maybe even a relationship, and it seems nearly impossible.

Part of being an adult is knowing whats important, aka basic life skills, and prioritizing them.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in their 20sdont know how to manage the basics, which are a seriously important part of growing up.

There wont always be other people around to help when life gets a little tricky, and you need to be able to figure it out and balance it all on your own.

I hate to say it, but if you havent mastered these 10 things in your 20s, youre not actually an adult.

1. Phone Calls

Chevanon Photography/Pexels

Yes, social anxiety is totally a thing, but not everyone has the privilege of avoiding every phone call.

Whether it be for work, making appointments, or just a call to the wrong number, talking on the phone is an inevitable truth.

Think of it this way you can practice on all the telemarketers who hit you up during really inopportune times.

2. Changing A Flat Tire

Flat tires are another unfortunate fact of life.

One day, you will run over something in the road, and be stranded with a flat.You may not be able to call Dad, so make sure you at least know who you can call in this event.

Better yet, learn how to actually change a tire. It requires just a few tools and a spare tire that you can keep in the trunk of your car in case of an emergency.

3. Basic Cooking Skills

Its completely your choice if you want to live off of takeout, but youll most likely crave some home cooking at one point or another.

With todays technology, its super easy to learn how to cook. There are thousands of YouTube tutorials and walkthroughs of making your favorite meals.

When in doubt, a traditional cooking class is never a bad idea. In fact, ask a friend to join, and have some fun with it.

4. Writing A Check

For large purchases, like when you buy your first house, you may need to write a check. Its a simple, ridiculously easy process that can be learned in under five minutes, so theres literally nothing stopping you.

Once you learn what to write on each line, youre ready to go! Just dont write many checks.

5. Driving

Having to rely on others for transportation is a pretty big hinderance on ones independence. Unless you live in an extremely dense city like New York, and can dependon public transportation, driving is a must.

Cars are expensive, but its very possible to get a used car for a fraction of the price. The independence driving provides is well-worth the monetary cost.

6. Ironing

Some people dont seem to realize wrinkly clothes just look bad.

It looks like you dont know how to iron your clothes, which may actually be the case. Yourfuture employer might see your wrinkly shirt and think youre super lazy.

If you are really adamant about not ironing, invest in a steamer or wrinkle-free spray to take some of the folds out.

7. Manners

Mannerisms are different throughout the world, but you should do your best to follow the standards wherever you live. You can gain a lot of trust and respect simply by being polite.

In addition to personal gains, having manners is important to show your respect to others. Its just the considerate thing to do.

8. Basic Computer Skills


Most jobs require at least some computer use, and youll likely need these skills outside of the office as well.

Programs such as Microsoft Office and any internet browser can be learned quickly, and are the most common applications used on a computer for any job.

9. Making Coffee

Maybe you dont drink coffee, but odds are someone in your life does. Save yourself an embarrassing explanation as to why you cant make your guest coffee and learn how to, just in case.

With instant coffee makers like the Keurig, brewing the perfect cup of joe has never been easier. All you need to do is press a button.

10. Using A Credit Card Wisely

Its easy to rack up some serious debt if you dont know how to use a credit card wisely. Spending becomes so much easier, and forgetting about interest is a common occurrence.

Practice good saving habits from the get-go instead of taking advantage ofyour new found money. Youll have to pay it eventually, anyways.

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