If you were gifted Apple goodies, you’ll need these accessories

Got one of the following options for Christmas? You might want to keep predicting .

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While some of you unicorns out there may have been wishing and crying to find a baby clean or a selfie hum under the tree this year, the vast majority are likely to be studying AirPods or failure. And if anyone really loves you, you may have even orchestrated a brand-new iPhone X or MacBook Pro — and are preparing to be the envy of the power( naysayers be damned ).

But like any new Apple device owner, you’re likely detecting some bothersome changes those deceitful Apple makes sounded into their system. No USB-A port on your MacBook? No headphone port on your iPhone X? Yep. No going back now.

Here are the three contraptions every Apple owner needs in the brand-new year.

Earhoox 2.0 for Apple EarPods& AirPods: 2-Pack

We’ll go ahead and assume you’re already totally obsessed with your brand-new AirPods. With their seamless connectivity and flawless sound, there’s little to complain about. But then again, the issue is one thing to complain about. It’s no secret that no two pairs of ears are alike, and even the Apple geniuses can’t change that. If your AirPods don’t snuggly fit to your liking, these Earhoox for $14.99 “re a big” hacker to oblige them stay in place.

Mini Qi Wireless Charging Pad

For new iPhone 8 and iPhone X owners, wireless accusing is a major plus. Not exclusively is it accessible and highly “Zenon: Daughter of the 21 st Century, ” but it continues your battery power in the long run. What they forget to tell you is that you need a wireless charger to actually take advantage. The ones in the Apple Store will race you about $60, but this one comes in at only $11.99.

HomeSpot USB-C Hubs for MacBook Pro

If you’re reading this on your brand new MacBook Pro, we’ll take a wild guess that you don’t have a USB-A port. Next age there is a requirement plug in your hard drive or use your old-time Lightning cable, you’ll be out of prosperity. This machine merges the old-fashioned and the brand-new by computing a USB-A, SD, and microSD port back to your machine, and it’s merely $54.99. You’re welcome.

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