Leaked list reveals when 2018’s best Android phones might be announced

2018 is very likely to picture revises to all of these 2017 flagship phones .

Image: lili sams/ mashable

Another year of smartphones will be upon us soon.

We’ll likely insure brand-new different versions of all of 2017’s major flagship Android phones. But when can you expect them to come out? How long will you have to wait? A freshly seeped list might have exposed 2018 ‘s roadmap.

The phone sleuths at GSMArena picked up what appears to be a schedule of upcoming phones this is gonna be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chip.

Though the schedule, posted to China’s Weibo( like every disclose) social network, can’t be verified, the timeline seems to match up with what we’d expect from an annual liberation cycle. Even so, you shouldn’t basi any purchase decisions on such lists; it could turn out to be completely wrong.

Also note: The schedule claims this is the notice timeline and not the exhaust timeline. Still, it’s often the action that the phones are released a few weeks after their unveilings, so they wouldn’t be too far off.

According to the leak, we could expect Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 + and LG’s G7 and G7+ in February.

Many of China’s best phones could be announced in the spring. Xiaomi might announce its Mi 7 in April. In May, we might verify the HTC U1 2. And the OnePlus 6 and ZTE Nubia Z1 8 might be unveiled in June.

An alleged Sony “Xperia XZ Pro-A” might also come in June, very.

Then, in the drop, we might read updates to some of our favorite 2017 telephones, including the Greenback 9, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and LG V4 0 in September.

Google’s Pixel 3 XL is listed as being indicates that there is October. Other telephones supposedly being announced in the same month involving the ZTE Nubia Z1 8S, Xperia XZ2, and HTC U1 2+.

Closing out 2018, we might consider the Moto Z 2019( maybe called the Z3 ?) in November and OnePlus 6T in December.

It’s a solid timeline, but even if it discontinues up being imitation or the announcements are off by a few weeks or even months, we’re probably going to see most of these telephones in 2018 at some extent. And if that stage props up, it’s about to become a very good time for brand-new telephones. You can count on that.

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