Lime-a-Rita-chugging man gets hit with cup of soup on subway after chanting racial slurs

There are two clear benchmarks of very poor assessment and smack. One, drinking Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas and, two, casually falling racial slurs.

Both were on display on a New York City subway this weekend, where a soul was filmed sucking down a Lime-a-Rita while singing “n****r.”

The video comes via Gothamist and demonstrates a visibly intoxicated white man on the L instruct repeatedly rumbling the insinuation while passengers attempt to silence him.

” I talk shit because I know I can, because I’m a lawyer. I went to NYU law. Fuck you !” “the mens” wails at the start of the video, which begins after the incident is already underway.

Passengers encircled him and, as the study comes to the terminal, is making an effort to impel him out of the car. He fights back, and tries to recapture a bag of his he says remains on the drill, but at the 1:48 symbol, he gets performed a beaker of justice.

A cup of Au Bon Pain soup justice. To the face.

Gothamist spoke to air passengers who described its own experience, saying it began over a dispute about personal space.

” Understandably, this woman of colouring and a marry other kinfolks as you can see in the video, call the person out. This chap starts caterwauling about his First Amendment rights and whatnot. The person didn’t seem to be falling-down pissed but was … clearly belligerent .”

Afterward, the passengers adopted, according to the person who tip-off off Gothamist to the video.

” After Bedford, the woman kind of are broken down. She and the larger gentlemen in pitch-black hugged and there was a good sense that social justice had been provided .”

According to Gothamist, although police participated in the depot, there was no enter of the man being arrested after being made off the train.

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