Lyft teams with Google’s Waymo for self-driving cars

Image: Kelly Sullivan/ Getty Images for Lyft

The ride-hailing app struggles time took another striking curve with the bulletin that Google’s Waymo self-driving auto squad will be teaming up with Lyft, Uber’s principal rival.

This could change everything.

In a spate that was confirmed by both Waymo and Lyft in a report from The New York Times , the two companies will work together on autonomous vehicle “pilot projects and concoction change efforts.”

“Waymo comprises todays best self-driving engineering, and collaborating with them will accelerate our shared image of improving living with “the worlds” best transportation, ” a Lyft spokesperson told the Times in a statement on Sunday.

“Waymo comprises todays best self-driving engineering, and collaborating with them will accelerate our shared vision.” Lyft

The deal could hugely turn the tide for the ride-hailing app business as Uber, which is engaged in its own autonomous vehicle endeavours, is the current ride-hailing app master. But with the added heft of Google-owned Waymo( and, probably, the world mapping message, purchaser data, and massive currency war chest of its parent fellowship ), Lyft’s chances versus Uber in the coming autonomous vehicle struggles just got a lot better.

In fact, with this partnership, some might even now announce Lyft the favorite to triumph the early rounds of the nascent autonomous ride-hailing market competition.

Just last year, Lyft co-founder John Zimmer claimed that the majority of members of Lyft vehicles would be autonomous within five years. Although some flouted at the apparently ambitious predication at the time, it could be that Zimmer knew this spate, or something like it, was in the making for Lyft when he offered that forceful forecast.

An additional wrinkle in the fib for Uber is the fact that it’s currently locked in a dispute raised against it by Waymo over alleged stolen trade secret. But however that dispute shakes out, Waymo’s partnership with Lyft is just another in a long string of bad news for Uber in recent months. l

Further details regarding the specifics of the collaboration between Waymo and Lyft haven’t been revealed, but Waymo( formerly known as the Google self-driving car project) did volunteer observe via a spokesperson quoted in the report, pronouncing, “Lyft’s vision and commitment to improving the way municipalities move will assist Waymos self-driving engineering reach more people, in more places.”

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