Net Neutrality Memes are Here to Save the Open Internet

Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai announced a contrive this week to end Net Neutrality, the FCC policy that retains internet service providers from favoring some types of traffic over others. In short-lived, U.S. internet providers would be allowed to attack patrons extra for better access to many websites and services, bundling them like cable TV fellowships do with channels parcels. This is already happening in countries without net neutrality 😛 TAGEND

U.S. internet users, especially on Reddit, are scandalized about the possibility that this could happen to them. Although they may be fighting to preserve the status quo , not consequently to build new claims that could construct the internet better for everyone, they’re still defending hard-boiled. Beyond calling and writing the FCC( which hasn’t exited that well ), their best artilleries are dank memes.

Meme subreddits on Wednesday were dominated by laughs criticizing Ajit Pai and the FCC and expecting net impartiality be maintained.

Image via purevermonter/ Reddit

Image via Jabjab3 45/ Reddit

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Image via _Gufy_/ Reddit

There are literally hundreds more like this–and some that go after Pai more personally and callously. Net neutrality memes are so large-scale on Reddit right now that there’s barely chamber for any other content. The top 10 uprights on Reddit’s front page Wednesday afternoon were all about the FCC, and international postings in meme communities are are starting to complain that this American government crisis is the only thing on the website.

Image via pHorniCaiTe/ Reddit

On Reddit’s r/ memeeconomy, members of the forum where postings explore memes as if they’re a stock market, conjecturing about which trends are rising and precipitating, net impartiality memes were practically the only subject of debate Wednesday.

Screengrab via r/ memeeconomy

Until this fight goals( one method or another ), this is what the meme world looks like. It’s net impartiality or nothing.

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