Nvidia is powering the worlds first Level 3 self-driving production car

Audi announced Tuesday that its forthcoming A8 would be the first production vehicle to ship with a Level 3 self-driving feature onboard when it goes on sale next year, and now we know that Nvidias technology will be helping power the vehicles traffic jam pilot autonomous capabilities. Nvidias going to be powering a lot in the new A8, in fact the car has six Nvidia processors helping power not only traffic jam pilot, but also its infotainment system, virtual cockpit instrumentation and headrest tablets for backseat passengers on fully equipped models.

The introduction of Level 3 autonomy on the A8 will mean that drivers dont have to pay attention to the road in certain conditions specifically in this case when the car is driving 37 mph or under on a highway with a physical divider. If the vehicle meets those conditions, and local laws allow, drivers can do whatever else is legally allowed behind the wheel, and the system will let them know when its time to resume manual control.

Thats a step further than current highway driving assistance features like Teslas Autopilot, which is classified as a Level 2 system and requires a driver to be paying attention and ready to resume control at all times. But its also designed primarily for sitting in traffic, whereas Autopilot is designed for a range of speeds in highway driving scenarios.

Nvidias processor is the brain of Audis zFAS system, which is the computer that handles driver assistance onboard the A8, and that takes sensor data gathered from the vehicles radar, camera, laser scanning and ultrasound sensors to create a fused picture of the road with a range of different types of data. The zFAS decides how the car behaves when traffic jam pilot is engaged, processing data at a rate of 2.5 billion inputs per second.

Level 3 autonomy is somewhat controversial in the self-driving world because it both allows a driver to relax their attention and yet also cant handle driving operations of the car entirely, as a Level 4 vehicle could. Audi must be very confident in the A8s abilities with traffic jam pilot to bring this to market, and Nvidias tech has a lot riding on a smooth deployment once it does go to market.

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