Office sauna: Must-have or hot air? – BBC News

Dolly Parton sings that “you’re precisely a tread on the boss-man’s ladder” – not much motive for workin’ nine to five.

So how can the modern department entice people to tumble outta couch and travel into work, specially when many employees could simply turn on their laptop and get happenings done? And how can that department fix you more productive?

One idea, favourite among new technology fellowships, is to mingle succeed and play.

Stroll around the London headquarters of peer-to-peer coin give assistance TransferWise in Shoreditch, London, and you attend scooters, a hammock and, would you believe, one of these 😛 TAGEND

Image caption Inez Miedema in the TransferWise office sauna

Companies like this say such country offices helps create a culture where staff experience coming to work, and are more productive as a result. For others, department perks like a sauna are simply a load of hot air.