Pornhub offers 110 gallons of lube to solve Philadelphia’s pole problem


Philadelphia officials attempted to stop football supporters from climbing the city spars in January, but that did little to stop deranged Eagles fans. Good happen Pornhub has a solution.

After Crisco oil miscarried when the Eagles trounced the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC championship game, Pornhub has liberally offered the town of Philadelphia 110 Gallons of lube to slather on the city’s light spars for the Super Bowl.

The lube, lots like the Crisco, is intended to deter excited followers from descending the light-headed spars, and thwart gashes in case of a Super Bowl win. Nonetheless, followers determined the Crisco more as a challenge than a refuge precaution.“The point “that weve” greasing them doesn’t mean we were daring beings to climb them, ” Sgt. Eric Gripp, a police spokesman, told “It’s the exact opposite.”

The city has already been to respond to Pornhub’s offer but is supposedly abusing the alternative of gear oil, according to Fox 29. Gear oil has a thicker consistency than Crisco, and the gooey essence is likewise touchy to remove from drapes. Whether its coating cleverness get better than lube is still unsure, but any solution is better than none.

Lube, gear lubricant, or Crisco, attempting to soar lubricated poles this weekend( or any weekend) is not feed. Options, Philly.

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