Prankster trolls Trump with ‘SH*THOLE’ projection and poop emoji on the president’s D.C. hotel


The trolling of President Trump over his controversial comments about Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations has moved from Twitter to the streets of Washington, D.C.

A prankster projected “SHITHOLE” on the Trump International Hotel Saturday night along with a flood of poop emoji—an obvious reference to derogatory comments Trump made last week during a meeting with lawmakers about immigration.

Other messages, according to the Hill and the Washington Post, included “Pay Trump bribes here,” “emoluments welcome,” and the more elaborate, “THIS PLACE IS A SHITHOLE.” In case that wasn’t clear enough, downward-facing arrows pointed toward the hotel’s doors.

While the backlash to Trump’s comments has been fierce has reignited questions about the president’s apparent racism, there are some on the right who have defended the remarks.  The projections were thought to be the work of Robin Bell, a local artist and provocateur, who the Washington Post has called a “hit-and-run editorial writer.”

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