Somalia back online after entire country cut off from internet for three weeks

Internet providers attributed the nation-wide outage to a commercial send that they said cut an undersea cable

Somalias internet has reverted after an outage of more than three weeks payment the Horn of Africa society about $10 m a day.

Hormuud Telecom, the countrys largest telecom company, announced the restoration of service in a message to subscribers.

The loss of internet service sparked feeling across Somalia and affected the central and southern parts of the country including the capital, Mogadishu. The government called it a major disaster.

Officials and internet providers attributed their own problems to a business send that they said trim an undersea cable.

Major firms reported millions of dollars in receipt loss. University subjects were disrupted.

The internet outage also complicated efforts to combat a national droughtthat has half of the countrys 12 million people in need of assistance.

Residents in the capital celebrated the revert of services that are. This helps a lot, Abdirashid Duale, the CEO of the most significant international Somali remittance company, Dahabshiil, told The Associated Press. The internet outage has affected many of our customers.

The lack of internet service too stranded patients who were seeking medical attending abroad as they couldnt access online paperwork.

The internet outage had my father stuck in Mogadishu. Now we can take him to India having received all medical paperwork via internet, remarked Nur Hussein.

Somalia is trying to emerge from a quarter-century in conflict situations. The shaky central government remains a target for the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab activist radical, which often to be undertaken deadly criticizes in the capital.

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