Spy behind Trump dossier says info was never meant for public eyes

Washington( CNN) The former British agent behind the dossier alleging ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia vows his experiment was dire enough to share with top American and British officials, but declares some of his creation was not fully verified, according to field records registered last-place month in London.

In the new law filing gaining access to CNN, lawyers for former British agent Christopher Steele “re saying that” his investigation into possible conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, funded by political opponents of Trump, likewise dished a vital national security interest, and that Steele experienced been obliged to get his work to senior national security officials.

But Steele likewise concedes that some of the information he surpassed along to the US and UK authorities still “needed to be analyzed and significantly investigated/ verified, ” according to the court filing. This acknowledgment from Steele directed specific to one memo he wrote , not his entire dossier.