All the major cases where an LTE-enabled Apple Watch would be great

August 6, 2017

Apple is reportedly working on an Apple Watch that wont have to be tethered to your phone for data, freeing that small fitness tracker on your wrist from the oppressive confines of having to carry around a now-critical piece of technology for operating in your daily life. This will probably have repercussions for the battery life of the watch that you have to charge every evening. We probably dont know…


Apples Watch can detect an abnormal heart rhythm with 97% accuracy, UCSF study says

May 12, 2017

According to a study conducted through heartbeat measurement app Cardiogram tested the deep neural network it had built against 51 in-hospital cardioversions (a procedure that restores the hearts normal rhythm) and says it achieved a 97 percent accuracy in the neural networks ability to find irregular heart activity. So far this is just a study built on a preliminary algorithm but it holds promise in trying to identify and prevent…


No, the 5th Ave Apple Stores glass cube isnt going anywhere (permanently)

April 20, 2017

If you saw the same reports I did a bit earlier today you were likely shocked to hearthat Apple would be removing its iconic glass cube entrance way over the top of its 5th Ave retail store in NYC. The reports came via building permits that were likely tipped to sites like Macrumorsby Apple watchers. The permits call for the full removal of the glass cubical structure at the Apple…