Techs 5 biggest players now worth $3 trillion

July 20, 2017

Alex Wilhelm is the editor-in-chief of Crunchbase News and co-host of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast. More posts by this contributor: Salesforce marches steadily toward $10B run rate goal Equity podcast: Ubers losses, Clouderas IPO and the biggest e-commerce acquisition ever Techs most valuable players today crossed the $3 trillion aggregate market cap mark according to Google Finance data. Its a feat that marks a new threshold for tech amidst the current…


Facebook addresses Silicon Valley’s affordable housing crisis

July 10, 2017

The social networking business which has been criticised for exacerbating the housing crisis in Menlo Park is to build 1,500 apartments Facebook is to build its own village of 1,500 homes for workers struggling to pay soaring rents as the housing crisis in Silicon Valley deepens. The social networking company has submitted plans to the local council to create a new neighbourhood of homes, shops and a public plaza across…


Apple said to be exploring face scanning technology for the iPhone

July 6, 2017

According to freshly-minted rumors posted by Bloomberg, Apple is looking to do away with the iPhones tried-and-true fingerprint reader altogether, in favor of face-unlocking technology. The move would mark a major shift away from Touch ID, a mainstay in Apple phones since the introduction of the 5S, back in late-2013. The combination Touch ID/home button has been the source of a lot of speculation leading up to the iPhone 8s…


Here’s why the iPhone won’t have a charging port in the future

July 4, 2017

Image: LORIS RAVERA/MASHABLE Every iPhone has come with a hole in its bottom. Did I say hole? I meant charging port. First it was the 30-pin port on the iPhone “2G” in 2007, which lasted until the iPhone 4S in 2011. And then it was the Lightning port, which has appeared on every iPhone since the iPhone 5 in 2012. But expect that to change in the future. SEE ALSO:…


macOS High Sierras best features are the ones you dont see

June 30, 2017

If it wasnt free, High Sierra might be a hard sell for casual users. The most meaningful updates are mostly below the surface the first full macOS upgrade to do so since 2009s Snow Leopard. The first public beta of the OS arrives today, and while Ive been playing around with a build of the software on one of those new 13-inch MacBooks, I keep finding myself referring back to…


Apple just created, and killed, a generation of AR businesses

June 20, 2017

Two weeks ago, Apple introduced ARKit, its solution for placing 3D objects realistically into a real place. Basically, augmented reality. And it just so happens that the Holy Grail of the home decor and architecture game has been, for years, being able to place decor and furniture inside a customers actual space. Over the past decade, as mobile has taken off, that dream has been transferred from the desktop web…


Tech stocks tanked for the second straight day

June 13, 2017

Its been a bad few days for tech stocks. The FANG stocks, a moniker used to collectively describe Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet) have had a rough two days on Wall Street. And even though Apple isnt included in the original FANG group (which was designed to describe a grouping of high-risk but high-reward mega-growth stocks), the company has also underperformed in the last two days. Heres a…


Apple hints its handed over metadata on UK terror suspects

June 7, 2017

Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed the company has been co-operating with the UK government in handing over metadata in the wake of a series of terror attacks in the country which he described as horrendous. Cook was speaking in an interview with Bloomberg following the first day of Apples WWDC developer event yesterday. Responding to a question about Apples stance over privacy and security in the face of ongoing…


Apple follows Google’s lead with its own ad blocker for Safari

June 7, 2017

Out with the old and in with the new.Image: Stephen Lam/Getty Images Online advertisers bewareApple is coming for you. The company announced on Monday that a new update to its Safari web browser will block autoplay videos. The update will also feature a new security feature that stops ad tracking technology from watching where users go on the web. The announcement comes the week after Google confirmed that it would…


First look at Apple’s big jump into augmented reality

June 6, 2017

One of the first plays to use Apple ARKit is a version of Star Wars chess . Image: karissa buzzer/ mashable Apple really pranced head-first into augmented reality. Following months of surmise about what exactly the nature of its aims for augmented world are, the company announced it’s improving an AR platform immediately into iOS. With ARKit, Apple is for the first time offering developers a collection of implements to…