Stash raises $40 million Series C to make investing more approachable

July 14, 2017

Micro-investing app Stash has raised an additional $40 million in Series C funding, the company announced this morning, following rapid growth in terms of sign-ups from new users 86 percent of whom are first-time investors. The startups app is designed to help ease people into investing by allowing anyone to start with as little as $5, then build a portfolio you contribute more to over time. Stash competes in a…


Outlooks mobile makeover includes a much smarter search, powered by Microsoft Graph

July 13, 2017

Microsoft today unveiled a redesigned version of its popular Outlook mobile app for iOS and Android, which most notably includes a more intelligent search feature, powered by Microsoft Graph, along with other changes to navigation and conversations. Microsoft Graph, the companys technology used to make productivity applications smarter, is being used to turn Outlooks search feature into a tool that can surface more than just emails it will be augmented…


This week in apps: Watch sharks on Google Earth, become a faux pilot, and everything else

July 10, 2017

The apps have changed again . Image: lili sams/ mashable It wouldn’t surprise us if you were so caught up in picking the best menus to chew at your One-quarter of July party that you lost way of the new apps and modernizes this week. If that’s the client, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered. SEE ALSO: The ‘Third Thumb’ prosthetic for anyone constitutes me truly miss…


The new Taster VR app brings VR content from the BBC to your smartphone

July 6, 2017

The BBC today released a new mobile application that will allow it to experiment with transforming BBC content into VR experiences. The app, called BBC Taster VR, comes from the broadcasters testing ground for new ideas, Taster, and uses technology from EEVO to publish videos in a VR format. Initially, Taster VR only offers a couple of projects, one of which is 360 video from the popular nature documentary, Planet…


Travis Kalanick’s future as Uber CEO under threat

June 13, 2017

Cab company has approved recommendations to fight sexual harassment in house, which some say is caused by the president of the united states management style The future of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is hanging in the balance after the embattled cab companys board elected to adopt a portfolio of recommendations to fight sexual harassment in the firm. Uber “re saying it” council had unanimously approved recommendations which stem from a…


How low does Uber have to go before we stop using it?

June 9, 2017

From sexual harassment claims to acquiring a crime casualties medical records, Ubers reputation becomes from bad to worse – but with little impression on its bottom line Theres a structure thats becoming clear: a news story breaks discovering Uber to have been engaged in illegal, unethical, or simply extremely blatant behaviour. Uber half-heartedly asserts its an exception, or its in the past, or that is really it is the law…


Twitter tests rounded buttons and thumbnailsbecause thats the problem?

May 31, 2017

Twitter is testing a new interface for its mobile applications on iOS and Android, which involves rounded profile images, buttons and other features. Its unclear what advantage going round would bring, as the styles adoption among app makers and designers tends to be more of a trend that ebbs and flows over time, rather than a format thats proven to have a significant advantage over the here on Quora where…


Snap’s acquisition of a drone company hint at its next step after Spectacles

May 28, 2017

Image: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images All the pieces of Snap’s grand plan are coming together, the latest of which appears to be putting its camera technology atop drones. SEE ALSO: Snapchat blew its first-ever earnings At least that’s the obvious conclusion based on Snap’s acquisition of Ctrl Me Robotics for “under $1 million,” a deal that was first reported by Buzzfeed on Friday. Snap has not commented on the deal or…


Google Photos update uses machine learning to automate selfie sharing

May 18, 2017

Image: Google via youtube  Google took to the stage at its big developer conference, Google I/O, on Wednesday and announced several new features in Google Photos. And we have to say: the updates are pretty robust. The updates came with a feature called Suggested Sharing, an addition powered by machine learning that suggests who you should share certain photos with. Part of the process involves mining your previous shares to…