Hands-on with Hulus new Live TV service

May 4, 2017

Hulu officially announced the launch of its live TV streaming service this morning at its Upfront presentation in New York, after earlier promising its under $40 offering would arrive sometime this spring. The service which is actually $39.99 per month has a robust channel lineup, cloud DVR and combines Hulus existing on-demand library, including its Originals, with streaming TV and on-demand content from its broadcast partners.However, a key part to…


Rollout.ios Rox lets app developers deploy new features safely just like the big guys do

April 30, 2017

Apple cracked down on apps using its software. Today, the formerdeveloper tools (the Rollout SDK) where it packaged pre-defined solutions, like those that could disable functions that were causing crashes, for example. Developers could also inject JavaScript code to fix more complex problems. But Apple wasnt having it. In March, Apple not in compliance with its guidelines for developers. For Apple, the decision was likely about being able to control…


YouTube Kids comes to smart TVs

April 26, 2017

However, unlike the kids categories on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon, the content in YouTube Kids is filtered by algorithms. And like any technology implemented without human oversight, that means it will sometimes get things wrong. In those cases, parents are asked to flag the offensive video to alert the company and get it removed. In addition, parents who choose to turn on the apps search feature may also…