The WIRED Guide to Artificial Intelligence

February 5, 2018

Artificial intelligence is overhyped–there, we said it. It’s also incredibly important. Superintelligent algorithms aren’t about to take all the jobs or wipe out humanity. But application has gone hugely smarter of late. It’s why you can talk to your best friend as an animated turd on the iPhone X use Apple’s Animoji, or ask your smart orator to require more newspaper towels. Tech companies’ ponderous investing in AI are already…


China Neck and Neck With Silicon Valley In Showcasing Auto Tech at CES

January 15, 2018

After years of predictions that Chinese technology firms were coming to America, the lineup at this year’s CES showed that they’re lastly here. Of the 4,500 exhibitors at the annual event — a world stage to showcase recent developments in biggest contraption reveal on the planet has become a key stomping ground for Chinese startups, extremely makers of autonomous and electric vehicles, as they seek to disrupt the world passenger-car…


The Worlds Biggest Gadget Show Matters Again

January 4, 2018

The last experience CES mattered to the masses may have been as far back as 2001, when Bill Gates appeared at “consumers interests” electronics show to promote exchanged catchphrases with Gates for a few minutes onstage in Las Vegas before they demoed the video game console’s top-of-the-line visuals. A years later, the first record in the Xbox franchise would become the fastest-selling console game liberated to that degree. It likely…


An Old Technique Could Put Artificial Intelligence in Your Hearing Aid

December 11, 2017

Dag Spicer is expecting a special package soon, but it’s not a Black Friday impulse buy. The fist-sized motor, greened by corrosion, is from a historic room-sized computer intended to ape the human brain. It may also point toward artificial intelligence's future. Spicer is senior curator at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The motor in the mail is from the Mark 1 Perceptron, built by Cornell researcher…


China Challenges Nvidia’s Hold on Artificial Intelligence Chips

November 24, 2017

In July, China’s government issued a sweeping new strategy with a striking aim: draw level with the US in artificial intelligence technology within three years, and become the world leader by 2030. A call for research projects from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology posted online last month fills in some detail on the government’s plans. And it puts Silicon Valley chipmaker Nvidia, the leading supplier of silicon for machine-learning…


Amazon is working on smart glasses to house Alexa AI, says FT

October 1, 2017

Amazon is working on building a pair of smart glasses to house its Alexa voice assistant, and a home security camera that could be linked to its existing Echo connected devices to further expand their capabilities, according to a report in the FT citing people familiar with the company’s plans. The newspaper says one or both of these products could be launched before the end of the year, alongside updates…


AI Grant aims to fund the unfundable to advance AI and solve hard problems

July 26, 2017

Artificial intelligence-focused investment funds are a dime a dozen these days. Everyone knows theres money to be made from AI, but to capture value, good VCs know they need to back products and not technologies. This has left a bit of a void in the space where research occurs within research institutions and large tech companies and commercialization occurs within verticalized startups there isnt much left for the DIY AI…


Graphcores AI chips now backed by Atomico, DeepMinds Hassabis

July 22, 2017

Is AI chipmaker Graphcore out to eat Nvidias lunch? Co-founder and CEO Nigel Toon laughs at that interview opener perhaps because he sold his previous company to the chipmaker back in 2011. Im sure Nvidia will be successful as well, he ventures. Theyre already being very successful in this market And being a viable competitor and standing alongside them, I think that would be a worthy aim for ourselves. Toon…


Freshdesk owner Freshworks acquires Joe Hukum as it plans a move into chatbots

July 21, 2017

After raising $55 million last year to build its business beyond its existing help desk services, today Freshworks (the parent company of Freshdesk) has made an acquisition to help it fill out that strategy. The company has acquired Joe Hukum, a startup out of India that offers a platform for businesses to build their own chatbots. Ive asked, but the companies are not revealing any terms of the deal. Joe…