Black Mirror mocks Pizza Huts new self-driving vehicle

January 13, 2018

Black Mirror once again proved its technology-driven dystopian nightmares aren’t as far off as we’d like to think. Netflix released the fourth season of the show last month. The third episode, titled “Crocodile,” features a woman who witnesses a pedestrian being struck by self-driving pizza delivery vehicle. Without spoiling the episode, suffice it to say that the crash, at first seemingly inconsequential, becomes the epicenter of the plot. The timing of the…


Jodie Foster: I make movies to figure out who I am

December 12, 2017

Directing a new Black Mirror film gives Jodie Foster the chance to look back at her own upbringing. The Hollywood titan talks to Tim Adams Last week Charlie Brooker was recalling for me the moment he learned Jodie Foster would direct an episode of Weinstein revelations, except to observe tangentially that in her early career for 15 or 20 years, every single script I read, the motivation for the female…