Frank Ocean wants you to buy ‘Endless’ on VHS

December 4, 2017

Frank Ocean fans woke up to a Cyber Monday miracle: For one day only, the artist’s visual album will be available for purchase on CD and DVD, vinyl… and VHS. andBelieve it or not, a lot of fans are into it, although most users on Twitter thought the VHS option was hilarious. bro why the fuck i buy a frank ocean vhs last night a vhs — alex (@ultralightbeam) November…


People think this Charles Manson donut is in bad taste

December 3, 2017

Throughout the year, Portland, Oregon’s famous Voodoo Doughnut has honored celebrities who have died—including Prince, Tom Petty, and Fats Domino—by immortalizing them as a delicious donut. The donut shop tweeted an image of their concoction on Monday along with the comment, “Not celebrating. Villains die too.” The tweet was deleted after the company received an influx of “WTF???” messages. Since deleting the tweets, Voodoo hasn’t made any additional comments about the…