The future of PCs may look a lot like the Netflix model

January 10, 2018

Blade's Shadow Box transforms any screen into a powerful gaming PC.Image: blade PC ownership is dead. The future of PCs is subscription-based, just like Netflix. That’s what Asher Kagan, president and co-founder of Blade, a French cloud-based computer startup, basically told me as he showed off the full-fledged PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider — detailed 3D graphics and all — running on a phone, tablet, and MacBook…


Cloud security broker Netskope raises $100m more led by Lightspeed and Accel

June 7, 2017

As enterprises continue to move more of their computing to the cloud, and across an ever-expanding range of devices from computers to phones and tablets and more, hackers continue to find ways to break into those systems resulting an unprecedented number of breaches globally. Now, one of the more prominent security startups fighting this has raised a significant round of funding to help tackle the issue head-on. Netskope a cloud-access…


Microsoft launches new IoT services for the enterprise

April 21, 2017

Microsoft is launching Azure Time Series Insights tool. As Microsofts director of IoT Sam George told me, the idea here is to provide a number of new offerings that are complementary to the companys existing Azure IoT Suite. While IoT gives many companies an opportunityto differentiate their services from competitors,it still takes a specialized set of skills to enable this. While we find that IoT is a big differentiator, one…