This golden retriever was famous on Redditand were all crying at her photo tribute

January 10, 2018

Oh–and she’s a puppy. memesIn his announce, Nebbia addressed Bailey’s Reddit and Imgur fans, explaining that he and his wife, Alex, had to say goodbye to Bailey more than a year ago. In life, Bailey had been a very good hound and particularly virtuous meme. The bureau photo–famously captioned “I have no idea what I’m doing”–is the one that launched Bailey to internet stardom. John Nebbia/ Imgur John Nebbia/ Imgur…


Drone captures mesmerizing footage of dogs herding sheep

January 3, 2018

If you’ve ever imagined an idyllic life as a farmer or rancher, prepare to have your every animal herding dream realized. In a video uploaded by YouTuber Tim Whittaker, you can see footage of a dog herding sheep, as seen by a drone in the air. It’s surprisingly cool looking. The video is mesmerizing. The overhead drone offers a terrific view of the herd of sheep on a macro scale. They…


The #JetsDanceToAnything hashtag will make you fall in love with football

November 11, 2017

As the New York Jets were beating the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night, the Jets got a little dance-happy during a late-game timeout. In front of their hometown fans, the Jets didn’t huddle up to discuss game strategy or to take a few extra sips of water while they waited for the game to resume. Instead, they did this. When the whole squad’s lit… A post shared by New York…