The US Government must work with tech companies if it wants to remain competitive in AI

August 12, 2017

U.S. Secretary of DefenseJames Mattis is gathering his tech tour of the West Coast today with a tour to Googles Mountain View campus.Mattis spent go at Amazon and DiuX, the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental , earlier in the week. His key takeaway from all the socializing with tech commanders is that the Department of Defense needs to embrace technology coming out of the private sector if it hopes to stay…


Fortem raises $5.5 million to hunt and take down unwanted drones

May 7, 2017

After drones became available to private citizens around the world, bad actors found ways to use them for Drone crashes also put people and property in harms way. Provo, Utah-based Signia Venture Partners and Airspace, Department 13 or The company can integrate its radar into drones of the type that are typically used for physical security, professional aerial photography, or delivery by drone. It can also install its radars on…