This Is the Smart Home of the Future

February 18, 2018

Don’t worry: Technology may come and go, but some things never change. In the not-so-distant future, cars will drive themselves and men may become obsolete (sorry, guys), but home will always be home. It’ll just be a heck of a lot smarter. Photographer: Evan Ortiz/Bloomberg Granted, some tech is better than other tech. No one needs a Wi-Fi-connected juice press that doesn’t actually juice anything. Gadgets that offer real utility—like a…


This Parka Keeps Olympians Toasty With Heat-Conducting Ink

January 23, 2018

When the American Olympic team flattens into PyeongChang for this year’s Winter Olympic tournaments, they’re not going to be cold. The team’s opening and closing liturgy dress, designed by Ralph Lauren , nod to iconic emblems of American fashion–jeans, woolen sweater, mountaineering boots, and chocolate-brown suede adventurer gloves–while prioritizing cordiality in the chill South Korean winter. There’s also another high-tech advantage: As part of the uniform, Ralph Lauren designed a…


Please, can we stop with this horrible trend of trash can-inspired gadgets?

December 30, 2017

LG’s ThinQ smart speaker with Google Assistant couldn’t be more uninspiring. Image: Mashable composite: LG, Andy melton/ flickr Someone needs to end this madness. This insanity. This frightening tendency of smart loudspeakers that look like trash cans. Ahead of CES, LG announced its upcoming ThinQ smart speaker with built-in Google Assistant. I haven’t participated it in person, and I have no suggestion how massive( or small) it is, or even…


People are freaking out over the Magic Leap One’s ugly design

December 23, 2017

Who wore it better?Image: magic leap, Thomas shahan/flickr Magic Leap‘s first mixed reality headset, the Leap One, is coming in early 2018. It looks pretty damn neat, assuming it delivers on everything it’s promising — and as long as you can get over its weird design. Reactions to the headset have been split down the middle with some people digging the steampunk-inspired design and others mocking its ugliness. SEE ALSO:…


Ai Weiwei Gets Artsy-Fartsy About Surveillance

November 24, 2017

Walk down the street in New York City and your likeness will be captured on camera dozens of times. You’ll pass cameras affixed to buildings and traffic lights; on the subway platform, more than 4,000 closed circuit cameras will track your every move. There are security gadgets planted in elevators and lobbies, coffee shops and convenience stores, all of which keep a watchful eye. An estimated 62 million security cameras…


Google CEO Sets AI-First Device Blueprint to Catch Apple

October 10, 2017

Google unveiled the second generation of its own devices along with an array of entirely new gadgets, plowing the company deeper into a competitive consumer hardware market. But at its splashy press event in San Francisco, Google executives announced each device with a repetitive focus on its artificial intelligence software. That drumbeat served as a reminder that the tech giant’s hardware strategy centers on keeping its lucrative web services relevant…


Apple’s Latest Products Get Rare Mixed-Bag Reviews

October 10, 2017

Despite the strength of its brand, Apple Inc. occasionally releases a product to mediocre reviews – remember the original Apple TV or Apple Watch? But reviewers have rarely been as grumpy as this month, when Apple unveiled its collection of new gadgets for the holidays. Each product was docked by reviewers for specific functional flaws, ranging from the iPhone 8’s middling design to Apple Watch Series 3 issues with wireless connectivity, and…


The Bilbao effect: how Frank Gehrys Guggenheim started a global craze

October 5, 2017

Opened 20 years ago this month, the glittering titanium museum had a wow factor that cities around the globe were soon clamouring to copy When he got to Bilbao a month before it opened, says Frank Gehry, I went over the hill and saw it shining there. I thought: What the fuck have I done to these people? The it is the Bilbao Guggenheim museum, which made both its architect…


Tesla Finishes First Solar RoofsIncluding Elon’s House

August 27, 2017

First the Model 3 electric car. Now the solar roof. In time 1 week, Tesla has objection two distinct manufactures with radically new concoctions. Tesla has completed its first solar ceiling installations, the company reported Wednesday as part of a second-quarter earnings report. Just like the first Model 3 purchasers, who made their keys last week, the first solar ceiling patrons are Tesla hires. By selling to them first, Tesla…


What will the office look like in 10 years? 6 experts predict the future

August 8, 2017

(CNN)It happens every few years: a seismic shift in the way we live our lives fuels a change in human behavior so significant, it blows the concept of the office as we know it out of the water. The architect Lord Norman Foster is one of the best known architects in the world. Now 82, he is the designer behind some of the world’s most iconic buildings including City Hall…