Facebook Watch is gunning for the 23 hours a day you don’t spend on Facebook

August 12, 2017

Image: vicky leta/mashable Facebook’s 2 billions users spend about 50 minutes a day on Facebook, which begs the question: what does Facebook want you to do with the other 23 hours and 10 minutes of your day? On Wednesday, the company’s plans for that remaining time became clearer. Yep, it’s here: meet Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch marks the social network’s entry into the high-end video scene. It’s an arms race…


Vox could become a better version of Mediumand The Ringer could be its first step

May 31, 2017

Image: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Of all the horrible things the internet has brought us, the word “platisher” is among the worst. That’s the word used back in 2013 when Medium first launched. The brainchild of Twitter cofounder Ev Williams, Medium at the time was one of the most beautiful things onlinevery much the opposite of the word used to describe it. The company also launched with some of its own content,…