Prankster trolls Manafort with Mueller jack-o-lantern

November 19, 2017

This Halloween, the scariest thing for anyone associated with the 2016 Donald Trump campaign was Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who indicted Trump advisor Paul Manafort on Monday. Just for rub-ins, one Brooklyn photographer carved Mueller’s face into a pumpkin and left the jack-o-lantern (Bob-o-lantern?) outside Manafort’s New York City residence. Boo! People seem to be pretty into this (I’ve been getting hilarious press requests), so… I carved a Robert Mueller…


What the heck is Donald Trump doing with his face in this photo op?

November 15, 2017

On Monday, President Donald Trump met with the 10 -member Association of Southeast Asian Nations( ASEAN) as part of his 12 -day tour of Asian nations. At the beginning of the conference, the attendees amass for a usual handshake, where representatives cross their limbs to grab the person or persons next to them, generate a chain. In doing so, standing between Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen…


James Comey may have dropped the subtweet of the century on Donald Trump

November 14, 2017

This morning, President Donald Trump kicked off his day by calling former FBI Director James Comey—among other U.S. officials—a “political hack.” The dig came after Trump was asked about meeting recently with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump said that during the meeting, he again asked Putin about Russian hacking, and that he found Putin’s denial of meddling in the 2016 election to be more convincing than that of Comey’s assertion…


Everyone went wild last night when Trump’s account was deactivated

November 10, 2017

The second late-night Twitter drama of Donald Trump‘s presidency—remember “covfefe?”— played out last night, when his account was deactivated for 11 minutes. The president’s account was quickly reinstated and Twitter announced that the account had been accidentally deactivated by an unnamed employee. Earlier today @realdonaldtrump’s account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee. The account was down for 11 minutes, and has since been restored. We are…


Viral photo of Trump dumping koi fish food is not what it seems

November 9, 2017

Raise your hand if you had “feeding koi fish” in your “what will President Donald Trump do to spark an international incident on his 12-day Asia trip” pool. You’ve won yourself quite a prize. Trump is in Japan as part of a major swing through Asia, and he joined Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Akasaka Palace, where they fed some of the koi at a pond on the grounds….


The 10 wildest Trump-Russia conspiracy theories all come from one person

November 3, 2017

On Monday morning, Donald Trump‘s onetime campaign chair Paul Manafort was indicted as part of Robert Mueller’s probe into probable Russian involvement in the 2016 referendum. The bulletin has now come to as a appall to numerous, but not to Louise Mensch, who tweeted over a month ago that it had already happened. Yep. Claude is right, Manafort is accused. don’t know time frame but I do know he* is*…


Bicyclist gives Trump motorcade the fingerbecomes instant meme

November 1, 2017

On Saturday, President Donald Trump went from the White House to his golf course in Sterling, Virginia—the 76th time he’s gone to a golf course since taking office. But on the return home, the president got a greeting unlike anything he’s seen before: A biker riding alongside the motorcade saluted the president in an obscene way. Lone cyclist responds to @POTUS motorcade shortly after departing Trump National Golf Club in…


This list of words Ivanka Trump may not understand is pretty fantastic

October 28, 2017

Although President Donald Trump entrusted his business operation to his two sons after he was elected, he placed even greater faith and responsibility in his daughter, Ivanka. As a senior adviser to him, someone—possibly the only person—the president completely trusts, she is partially responsible for his legacy in American history. But does she know what she’s doing? Well… this presidency hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire so far. Which,…


Trump’s $45 pumpkin MAGA hat is 2017’s first Halloween travesty

October 25, 2017

Living in America in 2017 is often dreadful and irregular. If you need yet another visual reminder, President Trump’s official website is now exchanging on-brand merch! A Halloween baseball cover, which is currently sold out, boasts a jack-o’-lantern on front and the slogan “Make America Great Again” on back. It’s Trick-or-Treat age and this MAGA hat is emphatically a treat! Degree by Oct. 23 rd to get it before Halloween:…


TrumpsHair is the site that lets you add Trump’s hair to anything

October 25, 2017

Have you always wanted to be a narcissistic, wannabe authoritarian whose Twitter rants can send the media into a frenzy? Sure it sounds fun, but who has the time? Well now, even if you can’t rock the world with your tweets, you can still rock the ‘do that makes ladies weak in the knees for all the wrong reasons. lets you play around with what, terrifyingly enough, is the…