Vincente Fox utterly destroys Donald Trump with an amazing ad for 2020

September 11, 2017

Holy heck! Usually when stunt videos like this come out, they’re worth a immediate laughter before moving on. But this ad keeps getting better and better and better and better. It will be , no doubt, the funniest happen you see today. Former Mexican President Vincente Fox has proved himself a magnificent foil to President Donald Trump–who knocked off his campaign by calling Fox’s countrymen “rapists” and ran away on…


Trump cannot for the life of him spell the word heal correctly

September 10, 2017

President Donald Trump may just want to stop using the word “heal.” In a tweet posted on Friday morning, the president sent an uplifting message of hope and recovery to the people of Texas who are reeling from what is believed to be the most damaging hurricane in United States history. “Texas is heeling fast thanks to all of the great men & women who have been working so hard,”…


Journalists struggle not to gush as President Trump donates salary to fund STEM camp, succeed wildly

August 25, 2017

Let’s face it: Rolling Stone said what every American was thinking when it asked on its cover why dreamy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can’t be our president. He’s no Barack Obama, but it seems Trudeau can almost always be found doing something awesome, like building pillow forts in his office and sporting Ramadan-themed rainbow socks to the Toronto Pride Parade. Meanwhile, we’re stuck with Donald Trump, who get this…


Charlottesville: Trump reverts to blaming both sides including ‘violent alt-left’

August 24, 2017

US president defends far-right marchers and equates Confederate generals with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Donald Trump has once again defended far-right protesters at the Charlottesville rally, saying they were not all neo-Nazis and white supremacists and laying the blame for the violence equally on what he called the alt-left. The remarks made during a rowdy press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York were Trumps latest…


US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website

August 24, 2017

Privacy advocates call warrant for IP addresses of 1.3 million people who inspected kickoff protest website an unconstitutional fishing expedition The US government is seeking to unmask every person who called an anti-Trump website in what privacy preaches say is an unconstitutional fishing expedition for government nonconformists. The warrant appears to be an escalation of the Department of Justices( DoJ) campaign against anti-Trump works, includes the coarse trial of kickoff…


We need to talk about the online radicalisation of young, white men | Abi Wilkinson

August 19, 2017

With the appointment of Breitbart Newss chair to Trumps staff we need to be clear about the links between misogyny, racism and neofascism on alt-right websites For several years now, Ive had a dark and fairly unusual hobby. When Im alone and bored and the mood strikes me, Ill open up my laptop and head for a particularly unsavoury corner of the internet. No, not the bit youre thinking of….


This is the most dangerous time for our planet | Stephen Hawking

August 15, 2017

We cant go on ignoring inequality, because we have the means to destroy our world but not to escape it As a theoretical physicist based in Cambridge, I have lived my life in an extraordinarily privileged bubble. Cambridge is an unusual town, centred around one of the worlds great universities. Within that town, the scientific community that I became part of in my 20s is even more rarefied. And within…


Who is Gen John F Kelly, the new White House chief of staff?

July 29, 2017

Kelly expended 40 years as a Marine, and six months as Homeland Security secretary where he cracked down on illegal immigrants Donald Trump is said to have been recently taken with the desire to have a general as his chief of staff to sort out a White House beset by internal combat , not to mention its external problems. While some consultants have questioned the sense of the move, the…


Trump risks global trade war if he restricts imports of steel and aluminum

July 4, 2017

By invoking a rarely used law from the cold war era, Trump could limit imports of goods deemed critical to national defence and satisfy his America first policy Chinese and European diplomats have warned Donald Trump against reported plans to restrict imports of steel and aluminum a strategy that risks triggering a global trade war. By invoking a rarely used law from the cold war era, the US president could…


States fight Trump commission’s effort to gather voters’ personal data

July 1, 2017

An effort to gather voters details to foreclose alleged impostor has been met with a fierce reaction, as nations fear an try at mass voter suppression An attempt by Donald Trumps letter sent to the states on Thursday, the commission on human rights vice-chair, Kris Kobach, asked for comprehensive directories including names of voters, homes, electing histories, party relationship, criminal autobiographies, armed status and more. The character did not spell…