Nintendos hot new Switch add-on is delightfully analog

January 20, 2018

OK, Nintendo, we did not see this one coming. After putting a suggestion early Wednesday morning, the coloured gaming corporation has introduced a hot new produce announced Nintendo Labo. They’re basically cardboard cutouts that can be used with your Nintendo Switch console. The buildable cardboard devices( to be sold by Nintendo as paraphernaliums) blend with software to turn your gaming console into substance like a forte-piano or a fishing rod,…


Nintendo’s Newest Switch Accessories Are Fun Cardboard Toys

January 18, 2018

Suffice to say the Nintendo Switch is a hit beyond what anyone could have expected. The versatile, modular console exchanged more than 10 million divisions in its first 10 months, and became the fastest-selling console in US history. That &# x27; s all the more impressive committed Switches were nearly impossible located within the console &# x27; s early months, as Nintendo( like everyone else) earnestly underestimated its appeal. For…


Turn your Razer Phone into a laptop with Razer’s Project Linda laptop dock concept

January 10, 2018

Gaming company Razer stunned everyone with its Batman-worthy triple-screen laptop concept at CES last year, and now it’s back with another laptop concept, this time for Razer Phone owners. Dubbed “Project Linda,” the clamshell device is the latest attempt at mobile and laptop convergence. The idea isn’t new: Slot your Razer Phone into the clamshell dock and transform it into a 13-inch laptop with full-sized keyboard and touchscreen. It is,…


The original ‘Doom’ from 1993 just added the worst thing about 2017 games

December 9, 2017

Image: rip and tear / zdoom forums Doom — the original Doom, from 1993 —never had loot boxes. Now it does. This is why we can’t have nice things. OK, it’s not actually as bad as it sounds. The “loot boxes” come from a new mod for ZDoom, a fan-made port that, among other things, allows you to play and alter the original Doom on modern computers.  SEE ALSO: EA’s…


Razer’s first phone is for gamers who want the fastest screen and loud sound

November 2, 2017

Razer’s conquered PC accessories and even sells some of the sleekest and better gaming laptops ever created. And now it’s finally ready to take on the smartphone world-wide with the Razer Phone, a flagship Android phone designed specifically to be a mobile gaming and amusement powerhouse. SEE ALSO: Apple iPhone X evaluation: A fearless step into the future Though Razer is often to be considered as a startup because of…


One year later, ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ the video game is more relevant than ever

October 15, 2017

In the wake of every mass shooting, we hear the same refrain from friends and politicians alike:” Our thoughts and devotions are with the victims and their families .” It is a neat affection. Supposing about something is the first step to changing it, and praying can bring peace of mind to those left behind. But it’s a utterance that’s been uttered so many times in recent years that it’s…


The 8 best gadgets from Berlin’s IFA 2017 technology show

September 4, 2017

Image: raymond wong/mashable Europe’s largest technology show, IFA, kicked off early this week in Berlin. Running until Sept. 6, the huge show gives everyone a glimpse into the future of consumer tech. While the biggest tech announcements are reserved for CES in January, big brands like Samsung and LG still debut some pretty sweet products at IFA.  SEE ALSO: What it’s like to have a lightsaber battle with Kylo Ren…


SanDisk just unveiled the world’s largest microSD card

September 4, 2017

SanDisk’s newest microSD is super impressive. Image: western digital SanDisk just announced its biggest microSD card yet—but it doesn’t come cheap.  The world’s first 400GB microSD starts shipping in September, and will set you back $249.99 SEE ALSO: Drug cartels are now using hulking drones to smuggle goods over the border The new microSD with adapter is good for 35 hours of full HD video. So it makes sense that…


Escher Reality is building the backend for cross-platform mobile AR

August 7, 2017

The potential of mobile augmented reality is clear. Last summer Pokemon Go gave a glimpse of just how big this craze could be, as thousands of excited humans converged on parks, bus stops and other locations around the world to chase virtual monsters through the lens of their smartphones. Apple was also watching. And this summer the company signaled its own conviction in the technology by announcing ARKit: a developer…


‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ delivers VR experience that puts you inside the superhero’s suit

June 19, 2017

The beauty of virtual reality is that it allows you to become anyone or anything you can dream of, and in this case the technology is letting you become the amazing Spider-Man. In the run-up to the release of the film Spider-Man: Homecoming in July, Sony has released a VR version of Spider-Man that lets you don the superhero’s costume, swing through the New York City using web shooters, and…