Google launches a lightweight Gmail Go app for Android

February 17, 2018

Google has added a notable addition to its line of “Go” edition apps – the lightweight apps designed primarily for emerging markets – with the launch of Gmail Go. The app, like others in the Go line, takes up less storage space on users’ smartphones and makes better use of mobile data compared with the regular version of Gmail. The app also offers standard Gmail features like multiple account support,…


Apple sold more iPhones in a week than Google did all of last year

February 14, 2018

Google’s Pixel 2 and 2 XL have the best smartphone cameras . Image: raymond wong/ mashable Google’s Pixel phones may be great telephones with best-in-class cameras, but they won’t be toppling Apple’s iPhones or Samsung’s Galaxy phones anytime soon. The company reportedly only shipped 3.9 million Pixel telephones in 2017, according to IDC research director Francisco Jeronimo. For Google, that’s not too shabby for a stranger — it’s twice the…


One Man’s Quest to Make Google’s Gadgets Great

February 10, 2018

Good was supposed to be a software company, but it needed a vessel for its system. The leadership team met with BlackBerry, which had recently originated meeting smartphones. Once BlackBerry execs interpreted what Good had built, “they disliked it, because it was practice better than their application, ” Osterloh says. “And they recognise we were an antagonist , not a friend.” Palm and Danger were working on smartphones, as was…


Google Flips the Switch on Its Pixel Visual Core

February 7, 2018

When Google launched its Pixel 2 flagship smartphone last year, it included something of a surprise: A co-processor called Pixel Visual Core, the company’s first homegrown, consumer-facing piece of silicon. And while that feels like a momentous foray, the co-processor has lain dormant for months. Monday, Pixel Visual Core goes to work. As it turns out—and as Google had nodded at previously—the hidden chip inside every Pixel serves a narrow…


Android Users: To Avoid Malware, Try the F-Droid App Store

January 22, 2018

In the early days of Android, co-founder Andy Rubin set the stage for the newcomer mobile operating system. Android’s mission was to create smarter mobile inventions, ones that were more aware of their owner’s demeanor and location.“If beings are smart, ” Rubin told Business Week in 2003, “that information starts coming aggregated into consumer products.” A decade and a half afterward, this objective has become a reality: Android-powered gadgets are…


How to quit your tech: a beginner’s guide to divorcing your phone

January 18, 2018

Six very busy parties aim a digital detox What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Spoke the story? Check your emails? Scroll through social media? Now, guess your phone’s not in the room. If that attains you feel aimless or uncomfortable, it may be season for a digital detox. This doesn’t have to be about giving up the digital world-wide absolutely, says Time To Enter Off and…


LG’s new Google Assistant-equipped TVs are the future

January 17, 2018

Before buying your next TV, you should make sure it comes with Google’s Assistant. With Google Assistant, flat screens like LG’s latest portfolio of 4K TVs announced at CES 2018 —  the B8, C8, E8, and the Wallpaper W8 series, and more — are getting a real dose of intelligence. SEE ALSO: 7 tech trends that will rule CES 2018 Unlike most smart TVs that come with what are essentially…


Google’s VR180 Cameras Are the Future of Point-and-Shoot

January 16, 2018

When the hyperloop first activated a turmoil in 2013, it was just an Elon Musk Big Idea–very exciting, maybe possible, definitely hard to believe. Now, five years old on, a account of the futuristic, tube-based transportation system is taking contour in the Nevada desert. Some 35 miles north of Las Vegas, the area is all sand, rock, and spiky shrubbery, leading up to stupefying reddish elevations on the horizon. It’s…


We saw pole-dancing robots at CES and it changed everything

January 15, 2018

Image: mashable/ Bridget Bennett On Monday, the world’s largest piece sorority — Sapphire Gentleman’s Club — became something else: The most incendiary prowes show in Las Vegas. All week, in Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show takes over the city. CES is the biggest tech trade picture of its first year — a veritable debutante dance for electronics brands, and whatever they’re reeling out to the public( and the press) that…