Innovative Play Impossible Gameball is full of air and lots of technology

October 20, 2017

It looks like a regular, air-filled ball, but it's not.Image: lance ulanoff/mashable Remember when we just played catch? Those were good, simpler times. Of course, we put aside our footballs and super bouncy balls for virtual ones on our smart phones and, in the process, life got a little less active and, maybe, a little less interesting. Perhaps the best ways to reintroduce inflatable balls to playtime is to make…


Photographer Mom Documents Her Kids Childhood Without Electronic Devices

August 19, 2017

“There is a bit of work involved when living on land for sure,” Boon told Bored Panda when we asked her if she experienced any hardships living in the countryside. “..and we have animals to tend to. But the work is, mostly, what we enjoy…and it is great for the kids to gain the sense of what it is to have to work to enjoy what we have, to learn…


Police officer searches a house for monsters with his 4-year-old partner

July 31, 2017

None found so far.Image: disney Everyone can rest easy: there are no monsters in Longmont, Colorado. One police officer in the town checked the house of a 4-year-old girl who was nervous about her new home. SEE ALSO: Note from dog sitter perfectly demonstrates the struggle of owning a pup She met Officer [David] Bonday and asked him if he would come search for monsters in our house, Megan Fahrenbruch…


YC-backed Vidcode raises $1.5M to teach teens to code using Snapchat filters, videos, memes and more

July 8, 2017

Vidcode, a Y Combinator-backed startup focused on teaching teens how to code, has raised $1.5 million in seed funding for its curriculum. While there are a number of learn-to-code platforms out there today, Vidcodes approach is to make coding more interesting to teens by connecting it to their existing interests like Snapchat filters and memes while also allowing young coders to leverage their own photos, videos and audio in their…


Girl Scouts will offer new cybersecurity badges to increase its STEM focus

June 19, 2017

Girl scouts will be able to earn cyber security badges starting next year.Image: girl scouts of the usa Girl Scouts will soon be ready to take over your IT department. The organization is teaming up with Palo Alto Networks, an internet security company, to introduce a set of new badges to promote computer and internet literacy and cybersecurity. The initiative aims to foster educational programs across all ages of the…


Nickelodeon revamps Noggin, its Netflix for Kids, with dozens of interactive, play-along videos

June 2, 2017

Nickelodeons Noggin is today taking a step to differentiate Noggin from being just another Netflix for kids type of subscription video service. Alongside its existing lineup of TV shows and sing-alongs, Nick is introducing a series of what it calls play along videos. These new videos, which are also curriculum-based, are designed to be interactive in nature asking kids to tap, touch, swipe or speak to move through their various…


KidPass raises $5.1 million for its childrens activity subscription service

May 27, 2017

ClassPass a subscription service for adults looking to try different fitness classes around town, like yoga, cycling, Pilates, dance, and others. Though KidPasshas a similar name, the two companies are not related. However, KidPass works a lot like ClassPass does. Customers pay one monthly fee then can try classes all over town. KidPassco-founder Solomon Liou explains he and his fellow founders, Aaron Kaufman, Chhay Chhun, and Olivia Ballv, decided to…


YouTube Kids comes to smart TVs

April 26, 2017

However, unlike the kids categories on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon, the content in YouTube Kids is filtered by algorithms. And like any technology implemented without human oversight, that means it will sometimes get things wrong. In those cases, parents are asked to flag the offensive video to alert the company and get it removed. In addition, parents who choose to turn on the apps search feature may also…