Dell XPS 13 joins Apple’s MacBooks down the USB-C-only road

January 11, 2018

Dell's new 2018 XPS 13 has 23 percent slimmer bezels around its screen.Image: raymond wong/mashable Apple got dragged big time for dumping all full-sized USB-A ports for the smaller, reversible, and overall more versatile USB-C ports in its MacBooks, but it was clearly ahead of the curve, since now Windows 10 laptops are following suit. Ahead of CES 2018, Dell has unveiled its revamped XPS 13 laptop. Completely overhauled inside…


Spectre and Meltdown processor security flaws explained

January 9, 2018

What are Meltdown and Spectre? Do they only affect Intel chips? Will the fixes slow my computer and what even is a processor? Meltdown and Spectre are the names of Apple advised customers in a blog post to update their devices operating systems and only download software from trusted sources such as the App Store. The company also said that there are no known exploits impacting customers at this time….


The Best Laptop and Mobile Black Friday Deals You Can Order Online

November 24, 2017

Black Friday isn’t always the best time to buy a computer or phone. It’s easy to get ripped off by a deal that seems too good to be true (it usually is). To save you a few headaches, and a lot of dollars, we’ve compiled some WIRED picks for the best PCs and mobile device deals going on Black Friday weekend, some of which are already available. All of these…


Review: Microsoft Surface Book 2

November 23, 2017

Microsoft's Surface devices defy easy description. Even Microsoft itself has never quite known what to call them. It's the one device for everything in your life. It's a tablet that can replace your laptop. It's powerful as a laptop, lighter than air. It's powered by beautiful. In reality, the Surface is all those things—and none of them. The Surface Book 2, on the other hand, is really only one thing:…


Apple 13in MacBook Pro (2017) review: battery life to get through a working day

November 17, 2017

With its build quality, excellent keyboard and improved longevity, this is one of the nicest computers you can buy but it will cost you Apples 13in MacBook Pro for 2017 now has battery life that matches the power of the hardware and the beauty of the design, even if it is still very expensive. When the new, redesigned MacBook Pro was iPhone X comes with with Face ID it perhaps…


Meet the world’s thinnest convertible laptop yet

May 30, 2017

Image: yvette tan/mashable The world of convertible laptops just got its thinnest yet. Asus unveiled the Zenbook Flip S on Monday in a large scale launch event, a day ahead of the larger Computex technology show in Taipei. SEE ALSO: Asus ZenWatch: A Fancy Smartwatch That Measures Your Relaxation Levels The Zenbook Flip S is 10.9mm thin. In comparison, competitors like the HP Spectre x360 come in at 13.8mm, and…


US considers banning laptops on flights from UK airports

April 25, 2017

All travellers from Europe could front ban aimed at outwitting terrorists who want to smuggle explosive devices in consumer items The Trump administration is considering barring fares flying to the US from UK airfields from carrying laptops, roots have told the Guardian. The proposed banning would be similar to one already impose restrictions on travellers from various Middle Eastern countries. British officials understand that their US equivalents are looking at…