How to quit your tech: a beginner’s guide to divorcing your phone

January 18, 2018

Six very busy parties aim a digital detox What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Spoke the story? Check your emails? Scroll through social media? Now, guess your phone’s not in the room. If that attains you feel aimless or uncomfortable, it may be season for a digital detox. This doesn’t have to be about giving up the digital world-wide absolutely, says Time To Enter Off and…


Greens should take a lesson from Donald Trump. Heres why | Patrick Barkham

January 3, 2018

Alpha males think caring about the environment is too feminine, research shows. So lets make saving the planet a bit more macho, says Guardian nature writer Patrick Barkham Theres a problem species, carelessly roaming the planet consuming, polluting or trashing everything in its wake. No, not simply Homo sapiens: more precisely, Studies consistently show a gender gap in attitudes towards Mother Earth. Women, social scientists tell us, are more willing…


Forget Juicero, here are the tech gadgets we can actually get excited about in 2018

January 2, 2018

If this years $120m juicing flop gave you reason to doubt in human ingenuity, take heart in these incredible inventions to come: from an artificial kidney to a breast pump you might actually want to use Silicon Valley lost a valiant soldier in 2017. Internet-connected juice maker Juicero, funded to the tune of $120m, drowned in schadenfreude after it was discovered that its pre-portioned $7 packets of fruit and veg…


The 40 best gadgets of 2017

November 24, 2017

The definitive list of tech and luxury items to have in your pocket, in your home and parked outside 1 TOY ROBOTNintendo Switch (280) modular gaming tablet offers an entirely new approach to video-gaming, merging the Wii and the DS in a convivial hybrid. As testament to its success, more and more non-Nintendo games are being released for the device and video streaming services are coming soon. 3 INTERACTIVE TOUCH-SCREEN…


Kitchen gadgets review: Bacon Express this toaster for bacon is the abomination we deserve

November 3, 2017

This looks like a clutch bag for flesh, and left my home smelling like Gloucester Old Spot for a week What ? Bacon Express( PS49. 95, Baywatch rebooted with Zac Efron– all things for which autobiography will judge us poorly. Yet they don’t have the stupid clout of this week’s abomination: a bacon toaster. A toaster, but for bacon. I desire bacon, but what is going on? It’s actually announced…


Kitchen gadgets review: Vertuo coffee machine a haughty home barrista

October 26, 2017

While the plastic pods seem like harbingers of the death of the earth, the coffee is so good youll never need go out for java again What? Nespresso independent coffee shop they know, and speak to the staff in a foreign language. American Gibraltars, no social contact at all? Thats where pod coffee comes in. Im staring at plastic pods seems like a harbinger of the death of the earth….


Kitchen gadgets review: a tablecloth to transform your home into a lousy pub cheers!

October 6, 2017

This weeks beer pongy offering is so squarely aimed at freshers, it could be boxed with a metric tonne of pasta. But it does make the place feel cosy What? Instant Pub Bar and Beer Pong Table Cover (sold separately). Printed cloth approximating the surface and panelling of a pub bar. Marked up with skittle layout indicating placement of game cups. Why? Good pubs all feel homely. Why not make…


Would you want a robot to be your childs best friend?

October 5, 2017

As toys reach new levels of sophistication, how concerned should we be about our children playing with artificial buddies that appear to have feelings? The little robot on the table wakes up. Its eyes, a complex configuration of cyan dots on a black, rounded screen of a face, sleepily open and it lets out a digitised approximation of a yawn. A compact device that looks like a blend of a…


‘It’s intoxicating I became obsessed’: has fitness gone too far?

October 5, 2017

With seven-day gym classes and unregulated instructors on Instagram, is our appetite for exercise getting dangerous? Lisa Andrews was looking for a quick fitness fix. The 34-year-old had a bit of weight to lose a year after having her first baby and, being both time-poor and on a budget, she decided to do it with the help of an online 12-week training programme shed seen advertised on Facebook. There were…


Origami-inspired clothing range that grows with your child wins Dyson award

September 15, 2017

London-based designer Ryan Yasin used his background in aeronautical engineering to develop sustainable clothing to fit babies through to toddlers An James Dyson award. Ryan Yasin recent survey by Aviva) parents spend an average of 2,000 on clothing before their child reaches the age of three. As well as the high cost and limited lifespan, mass production of garments places huge pressure on the environment through technology with textiles in…