Deep learning could discover new plant species hidden in centuries of herbarium data

August 12, 2017

Machine discovering procedures excel at doing a good-enough responsibility immediately in situations where theres lots of data to grind through. It turns out thats a great fit for backlogs of plant samples at herbariums and other repositories around the world, which have millions of the things waiting to be digitized and identified including some that may be new to science. There are thousands of such collectings around the world residence…


VergeSenses AI sensing hardware tackles facility management

August 5, 2017

Facility management might not sound like the sexiest use of AI technology. But office space can be a huge expense for larger businesses the biggest after staff costs which is why Y Combinator-backed startup, VergeSense, says its settled on facility management as the initial target for an AI-powered sensing device its been developing since joining the incubator program in May. Their sensor as a system platform, as they dub it,…


Graphcores AI chips now backed by Atomico, DeepMinds Hassabis

July 22, 2017

Is AI chipmaker Graphcore out to eat Nvidias lunch? Co-founder and CEO Nigel Toon laughs at that interview opener perhaps because he sold his previous company to the chipmaker back in 2011. Im sure Nvidia will be successful as well, he ventures. Theyre already being very successful in this market And being a viable competitor and standing alongside them, I think that would be a worthy aim for ourselves. Toon…


Google Play Music gets more personalized with New Release Radio, customized to your tastes

July 16, 2017

Its no longer enough to simply offer on-demand music as part of the value proposition for music streaming services you have to enable discovery of new tunes and make recommendations, too. While its fair to say that Spotify is leading the market in terms of its influential playlist selections, rivals are quickly following suit including Apple Music and Google Play Music. This week, the latter rolled out its own curated…


MateLabs mixes machine learning with IFTTT

July 13, 2017

If youve ever wanted to train a machine learning model and integrate it with IFTTT, you now can with a new offering from MateLabs. MateVerse, a platform where novices can spin out machine learning models, now works with IFTTT so that you can automatically set up models to run based on conditional statements. If youre not familiar with IFTTT, its an automation tool for creating your own if/then statements without…


H2O.ais Driverless AI automates machine learning for businesses

July 7, 2017

Driverless AI is the last produce from H2O. ai aimed at lowering the barrier to representing data discipline work in a corporate framework. The implement expedites non-technical hires with cooking data, gauging constants and determining the optimal algorithms for undertaking specific business problems with machine learning. At the research level, machine learning troubles are complex and irregular mix GANs and reinforcement learning in a ever been identified apply occasion takes…


Box deepens partnership with Microsoft and turns its attention to AI and machine learning

June 28, 2017

When I spoke to Box CEO Aaron Levie last year at the Boxworks customer conference, I had to ask the obligatory machine learning question. Surely Box was of sufficient size with enough data running through its systems to take advantage of machine learning. All he would say was they were thinking about it. Today, the company announced a deepening relationship with Microsoft in which Box will take advantage of Redmonds…


Fintonic banks $28M to grow its personal finance management app

June 27, 2017

Spanish startup Fintonic has closed a25 million (~$28M) Series B funding round to expand into new markets in Latin America and continue developing the product. Investors in the round include banking and financial services giant theING Group and insurance group PSN. The personal finance management app is aimed at consumers wanting help managing their money such as getting overviews and alerts about their expenses. Currently Fintonic is available in two…


Regulation could stifle growing China-US venture activity

June 22, 2017

Jason Rowley is a venture capital and technology reporter for Crunchbase News. More posts by this contributor: Advertising giants leave little room for adtech startups, and VCs are noticing How Ethereum became the platform of choice for ICOd digital assets Last week,Reutersreportedthat the U.S. government is considering placing new restrictions on Chinese investment into American companies developing artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies with strategic importance to the United States. The…


HealthUnlocked support social network app goes global

June 15, 2017

Long time UK-based health-focused social network HealthUnlocked has flipped the switch to make its mobile appglobally available, aiming to boost access to its network and feed more data into machine learning matching algorithms it began applying to the platform earlier this year idea being to help people with the same health condition find each other so they can share information and support. The new app makes the HealthUnlocked network more…