Armie Hammer dancing is the internet’s favorite new meme

October 16, 2017

Move over, dancing hot dog. There’s a new dancing meme that is taking over the internet. And “its by” glorious. Tuesday was National Coming Out Day, and the upcoming film Call Me by Your Figure affixed a time to its Twitter account of a scene in the film where Armie Hammer dances like no person is filming him. Just watch this 😛 TAGEND Come out and dance with us. #NationalComingOutDay…


The porg from ‘The Last Jedi’ trailer is everyone’s favorite new meme

October 12, 2017

If you’re human, you probably watched the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi when it plunged on Monday evening. The 2.: 30 -long trailer reunited us with all the primary characters from The Force Awakens andincluded a peek into Luke and Rey’s Jedi training sessions. But it’s a new person, who appears in the trailer for only a few seconds, that is quickly becoming a devotee favorite on the…


Meme La France: To stop globalization, alt-right meme makers have begun a global movement

May 7, 2017

Image: mashable/Christopher Mineses  Pepe has made his way to France. Of the many wildly unpredictable aspects of the 2016 election, the usage of memes by a fiercely active, populist conservative movement stands alone. Using easily shareable and emotionally driven images to promote nationalist conservative politics, internet meme evangelists believe that they had a direct impact on the election, carrying Donald Trump all the way to the White House. Six months…