With Microsofts Face Swap, search with Bing for your next morphing muse

June 3, 2017

Face-swapping taking your image and adjusting it to fit on to a different body, creature or object has taken the photo app world by storm, as millions of people look for new and novel things to do with their selfies. Microsoft is the latest company to enter the fray. The companys in-house app studio Microsoft Garage has quietly launched a new app the aptly called Face Swap. The Android app…


Social media giants making progress on illegal hate speech takedowns: EC

June 2, 2017

Its beena year since the four major social platform players agreed with Europes executive body to a voluntary Code of Conduct for removing illegal hate speech within 24 hours of a complaint being received. A lot has happened on this front since then, with a series of content moderation scandals hitting different platforms and serving to ramp up the regional pressure on the tech giants including YouTube suffering an advertiser…


Report: Microsoft to buy security firm Hexadite for $100M as Cloudyn still in progress

May 25, 2017

While we wait to get more news on Microsoft Calacalist reported earlier today that Microsoft is paying $100 million to acquireacquire Cloudyn, a company that monitors and optimises a companys operations across multi-vendor cloud architectures. Contacted for a response, Microsoft declined to comment on the latest report earlier today. And Hexadite and its co-foundersBarak Klinghofer, $10.5 million in funding, according to Crunchbase, with investors including HP Ventures, YL Ventures, TenEleven…


Salesforce marches steadily toward $10B run rate goal

May 20, 2017

Salesforce is on its recent, nearly $2.4 billion quarter puts it squarely in the neighborhood. According to with new share price records this month. All that begsa simple set of questions: What is driving growth at Salesforce, and can the company possibly sustain the run it has been on? Looking at the numbers The companys quarter was a triple-beat, with Salesforce turning in more revenue, profit and projected future growth…


A ‘second wave’ of ransomware could broaden global cyberattack

May 15, 2017

Hackers gonna hack.Image: carl court/Getty Images Microsoft Windows users, brace yourselves. People are worried a second wave of cyberattacks could strike around the world on Monday as employees return to their desks and log onto their computers. Security experts say the unprecedented ransomware attack that on Friday locked up computers across the globe including UK hospital, FedEx, train systems in Germany among other institutions in exchange for payment, could cause…


Microsoft’s new video search tech proves our sci-fi future has arrived

May 12, 2017

Image: S. Warren/AP/REX/Shutterstock What if you could understand everything about a video without ever having to watch it? That may sound contradictory, but Microsoft has created a tool that can analyze videos and make their contents searchable, potentially saving you the trouble of watching the footage yourself. SEE ALSO: Whoa, Microsoft just beat Apple in tablet satisfaction Called Video Indexer, the software, which debuted onstage at Microsoft’s Build developers conference,…


Satya Nadella says we must guard against a dystopian future

May 11, 2017

In this Wednesday, March 30, 2016, file photo, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivers the keynote address at the Microsoft Build Conference, in San Francisco.Image: AP Photo/Eric Risberg If we keep heading down the path we’re going, there’s a decent chance the surveillance state from George Orwell’s 1984 future will come true. Kicking off Microsoft’s Build developers conference on Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said it’s up to developers to prevent…


This HoloLens app shows how doctors will use augmented reality during spinal surgery

May 7, 2017

Augmented reality (AR) isn’t just for Pokmon Go and Snapchat masks, the technology will can have practical applications in areas like medicine, too. At least that’s the promise of the new Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform, which is designed to be used with the Microsoft HoloLens to help doctors perform spinal surgery. The company claims that its system can use 3D tracking with the HoloLens to help accurately find spinal screw…


Microsoft launches new IoT services for the enterprise

April 21, 2017

Microsoft is launching Azure Time Series Insights tool. As Microsofts director of IoT Sam George told me, the idea here is to provide a number of new offerings that are complementary to the companys existing Azure IoT Suite. While IoT gives many companies an opportunityto differentiate their services from competitors,it still takes a specialized set of skills to enable this. While we find that IoT is a big differentiator, one…


Microsoft wants to bring data and machine intelligence closer together

April 20, 2017

For Microsoft, the last year or so has been all about infusing its various products with intelligence. Those smarts may come in the form of advanced analytics or deeplearning, but the main point here is that the company believes these techniques can solve major pain points for its customers, whether they are PowerPoint users or SQL Server admins. Today, at its Data Amp event, the company is launching a number…