The science of spying: how the CIA secretly recruits academics

October 11, 2017

The long read: In order to tempt nuclear scientists from countries such as Iran or North Korea to defect, US spy agencies routinely send agents to academic conferences or even host their own fake ones The Iran were willing to spend. To show his sincerity and goodwill, the agent put his hand over his heart. Salam habibi, he said. Im from the CIA, and I want you to board a…


Morocco poised to become a solar superpower with launch of desert mega-project

August 19, 2017

Worlds largest concentrated solar power plant complex, powered by the Saharan sun, set to help renewables provide almost half the countrys energy by 2020 The Moroccan city of Ouarzazate is used to big productions. On the edge of the Sahara desert and the centre of the north African countrys Ouallywood film industry it has played host to big-budget location shots in Lawrence of Arabia, The Mummy, The Living Daylights and…


Somalia back online after entire country cut off from internet for three weeks

July 18, 2017

Internet providers attributed the nation-wide outage to a commercial send that they said cut an undersea cable Somalias internet has reverted after an outage of more than three weeks payment the Horn of Africa society about $10 m a day. Hormuud Telecom, the countrys largest telecom company, announced the restoration of service in a message to subscribers. The loss of internet service sparked feeling across Somalia and affected the central…


US considers banning laptops on flights from UK airports

April 25, 2017

All travellers from Europe could front ban aimed at outwitting terrorists who want to smuggle explosive devices in consumer items The Trump administration is considering barring fares flying to the US from UK airfields from carrying laptops, roots have told the Guardian. The proposed banning would be similar to one already impose restrictions on travellers from various Middle Eastern countries. British officials understand that their US equivalents are looking at…